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Worcester: The Cannabis Capital of the East Coast
July 31, 2020

Denver, Portland, LA: all western cities synonymous with a vibrant legal cannabis culture. And on the right side of the country Worcester is leading the way for the title of East Coast Cannabis Capital. 

In less than a decade, those western communities have become leaders in the cannabis scene and are seeing tremendous benefits: job creation, local economic stimulation, a reduction in crime and community improvements, just to name a few.  

So why is Worcester a leading city on the East Coast and not a city like Boston? Here are just a few reasons why Worcester is on its the Cannabis Capital of the East Coast. 

1) Functioning Legal Cannabis Market 

For starters, Massachusetts is the only state with a real functioning legal cannabis market on the East Coast. (Sorry Vermont and Maine, but you need to get it together before you can really claim that.)   

2) Enthusiasts Hub 

Worcester is the second most populated city in New England, with nearly 200,000 residents. Yes, it’s second place, but we’ve got enough people to call ourselves a hub, especially shown by our next point. 

3) Worcester County Might 

As of May 27, 2020, Worcester County has issued 99 licenses for cannabis dispensaries. This is more than double the next the county, Middlesex (49), and 9 times as many dispensary licenses as Boston has issued, 11.  

Leicester, in Worcester County, was also one of the first two locations to open dispensaries on November 20, 2018, the first day of legal cannabis sales in Massachusetts.  

We’re at the forefront of legal cannabis here in Worcester. We want it accessible to everyone. 

4) Dispensaries for Everyone 

Within the city of Worcester, there will be a total of 15 adult-use retail stores scattered throughout the city. This is more than Boston, which has more than three times the population of Worcester.  

5) The Cannabis Control Commission 

The Massachusetts cannabis regulatory body, The Cannabis Control Commission, has selected Worcester for its home office, located right at Worcester’s Union Station. 

6) The Harvest Cup 

That’s right. The world-famous Harvest Cup is held in Worcester every year. Want to see what’s new with buds on the East Coast? Check it out. You won’t leave feeling down. 

7) Job Creation 

Over 500 new jobs will be created for the cannabis industry in Worcester. These are sustainable, long-term jobs that will encourage community spending. 

8) Clark University 

One of the top academic institutions in Worcester, Clark University, is offering cannabis courses on regulatory affairs. Come to Worcester and start your career in cannabis.

9) The Summit Lounge 

The Summit Lounge, Massachusetts’ first and only private cannabis club, is located in Worcester. Learn, grow, and chill all in the same place. If you’re looking for a unique experience, check them out.

10) Bud’s Goods & Provisions 

Worcester is the home of Bud’s Goods, an unforgettable cannabis retail experience. Stop in at 64 West Boylston St. and you might find some of your closest buds. 

It’s always been human nature to have a little East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry. Hell, it’s necessary so that we can push ourselves to create one bad ass cannabis industry across the nation.    

Worcester, you make us proud for taking the lead on the cannabis industry and being on the right side of history! We raise this next bong to you. 


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