While big box stores and online shopping platforms are selling the season’s latest and greatest products, opt to delight your friends and family with the gift of cannabis. Our favorite green goods make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for those who are typically tough to buy for – whether you’re purchasing a topical for grandma, or some quality buds for your best bud. Cannabis gifts can help usher in the joyous nature of the season, melting away stress just in time for the New Year. 

Your local Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries are gearing up for the holidays with a plethora of deals on the best marijuana products, making gift giving for cannabis enthusiasts easier than ever. With so many options, how do you know which gifts to choose? 

Here at Bud’s Goods, we’ve taken the work out of holiday shopping by curating a list of top quality marijuana gift ideas, all readily available to purchase at any of our dispensary locations. Best yet, buying cannabis Christmas gifts means you’re supporting Massachusetts-based businesses, so there’s no worrying about whether or not your gifts will arrive in time for the holidays. You can simply stop by your local Buds Goods dispensary to make your selections.

Here are our top choices for cannabis gifts this season:

1. Bud’s Finest

buds finest cannabis flower

Bud’s Goods is excited to announce we’ve launched Bud’s Finest. Bud’s Finest flower is a tier above the rest and curated by our expert team. These buds are unanimously hand-selected from the best flower throughout the state of Massachusetts for their quality, rarity, size and potency. We believe Bud’s Finest is the best flower we source in MA.

2. 1:1 SLATE Wonder Balm by Resinate

slate wonder balm 1:1 cbd thc

SLATE topicals blend the healing power of cannabis with cutting-edge technologies to create effective cannabis-infused therapies. With science behind them, their team of chemists and biologists combine premium cannabis oils with a full spectrum of terpenes. This 1:1 CBD/THC 1500mg balm is the perfect entry-point into the world of cannabis. If you have a friend or family member who is curious about using cannabis products, but hesitant to jump right in, this balm can introduce the healing properties of plant medicine by addressing localized pain or discomfort; sore feet, stiff necks, and more!

3. Vapes by Fernway

fernway vape cartridges

Maybe there’s someone in your social circle who wants to use cannabis but isn’t too keen on smoking flower. Purchasing a disposable vape is a way to introduce a new delivery method that’s fast-acting and effective, without the smoke. Fernway makes best selling vapes in the state of Massachusetts in a variety of strains and flavor profiles. Choose mango, berry haze, or something in between.

4. Fruit Chews by Hashables

hashables thc gummies

These solventless hash infused bites are a treat for edibles lovers who want a full-spectrum edible with a broad cannabinoid profile. These chews are way different than your ordinary distillate infused gummy – they’re made with solventless hash rosin, the purest form of hash available! These bites are sure to pack a punch of true cannabis flavor, allowing for a balanced, harmonized experience courtesy of the entourage effect. 

5. Lil’ Jay’s 10-Pack Prerolls & Dyl’s Place Ashtray

lil jays prerolls

For the smokers out there, receiving a pack of 10 prerolls is like gifting 10 individual smoke seshes. Already neatly rolled and stored in a pocket-sized tin, choose your favorite strain and easily create an entire gift bag by including a lighter and our signature ashtray. This is the “People’s Eighth” rolled up in mini joints. Light up a Lil’ Jay and enjoy.

6. Jungle Drops Tincture by TreeWorks

treeworks jungle drops thc oil tincture

Packed with therapeutic benefits, Jungle Drops provides balanced effects by combining the 5 most well-paired cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. This five-in-one tincture elicits uplifting yet soothing effects in the mind and body. We suggest pairing this gift with an aromatherapy candle. Rest, relax, and feel the broad spectrum at work.

Cannabis Gift Shopping for Your Buds

Well, there it is! A short but sweet list of cannabis gifts to cover all of the weed enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list. In case you’d like to let your cannabis connoisseur choose for themselves, we also have gift cards available online for pre-order and pickup in store.

Bud’s Goods will also be hosting our “12 Days of Giveaways” in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Be sure to follow us on either Instagram or Facebook as we’ll be posting new giveaway deals everyday in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. 

After figuring out which deals you’d like to take advantage of, stop by one of our Buds Goods locations in Worcester, Abington, or Watertown to find high-quality cannabis products direct from Massachusetts-based businesses. As your local dispensary, we take pride in selling good buds to great neighbors and wish you nothing but joy and health this holiday season.

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