It’s that time of year again – 420 is just around the corner and as your friendly neighborhood dispensary, we couldn’t be more excited. This year, Bud’s Goods is here to help you celebrate in style. We’ve got all the good stuff you need to make your 420 celebrations lit. Whether you prefer to puff on a joint, take a bite out of a delicious edible, or dab on some concentrates, we’ve got you covered. Our products are of the highest quality, so you can trust that you’re getting the best buds and great prices this 4/20 and everyday of the year.

But that’s not all – we’re offering some sweet deals to make your 420 celebrations even more festive. We’re talking discounts on some of our most popular products, loyalty rewards, and more. At Bud’s Goods, we’re not just about getting you lifted, our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer your questions and provide guidance, so you can enjoy your 420 celebrations with peace of mind.

Here is our Guide to the Best MA Deals on 4/20 this year. We’ll also have more specials running for 4/20, so make sure to check out our 4/20 dispensary deals page for more offers. Enjoy! 


Bud’s Everyday

buds everyday cannabis flower

Our flower is carefully sourced in bulk and freshly packaged by Bud’s team. We make sure our picks are selected based on Bud’s Goods quality control standards, meaning we do all the work to ensure you’re only getting the best buds everytime you shop with us. Better yet, Bud’s Everyday is affordably apriced so no matter what, you won’t have to break the bank to buy the best buds.

Looking for a great deal on flower this 420? For $120, get an ounce of Bud’s Everyday in Lazy River Grown Cultivar, Blue Slushie. We’ll also have 2 for $60 Bud’s Everyday 1/8ths available!

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Lil’ Jays

lil jays prerolls

Grab a pack of Lil’ Jays if you want to enjoy some quality bud without the hassle. The “People’s Eighth” rolled into tiny joints provides a ready-to-go means of enjoying Bud’s flower. These 10-packs are perfect for your individual stash and can be easily transported in their reusable metal tin. Dog-walker sized and great for a casual puff n’ go, Lil’ Jays are small enough to enjoy for one. Choose between a variety of strains for a go-to daytime joint or a heady nighttime buzz.

420 Deals means you can snag two packs for $70.

Lil Bud’s

lil buds eighth cannabis bud

Otherwise known as “The People’s Eighth,” Lil’ Bud’s is the cheapest 8th in the state of Massachusetts. This affordable, curated selection of smalls is ideal for anyone seeking quality flower for a manageable price point. Selected from a variety of strains and cultivators, shoppers will find a diverse selection of Lil’ Bud’s to choose from. Stock up and enjoy some Spring flower.

This 420 – In Abington, Watertown and Worcester: Three Lil Bud’s Eighth’s for $60 bucks!

Bud’s Finest

buds finest marijuana flower


If you’re looking to celebrate 420 with a top tier flower selection, then Bud’s Finest is for you. This tier is curated by our expert team who chooses our selection from only the best flower grown in the state. By seeking out cannabis flower with the best quality, rarest cultivars, desirable sizes and potencies, we’re sourcing flower fit for aficionado’s and discerning smokers. If you’re looking to stock up on high quality buds, this 420 is the time to do so.

On 420 – In Abington, Watertown and Worcester we’ll have 2 for $75 Bud’s Finest 1/8ths available (mix and match)


Cloud Cover – Dabber

cloud cover thc badder

Dab Trooper Badder by Cloud Cover has small granular THCa crystals with a high terp content and consistency of cake batter that would be a delight in anyone’s dab rig. Badder is budder’s more potent alternative, sure to send you flying high this holiday. 

Bountiful Farms Live Hash Rosins

bountiful farms live hash rosin concentrate

Choose between Colorado Chem or Fruit Punch Pack for a solventless live hash rosin that’s perfect for the everyday dabber or the casual cannabis connoisseur. 


Bubby’s Baked

Bubby’s Baked thc Brownie Bites

Purchase a 5-pack of Bubby’s Baked Brownie Bites and enjoy delicious, chocolatey goodness with zero questionable ingredients. Bubby’s Baked prides themselves on quality, no BS ingredients, classic flavors, and desirable effects. Munch on a fudgy brownie for full-spectrum benefits. $12


insa thc gummies drops

Buy INSA’s gummies in Watermelon, Sour Strawberry or Peach Mango for tasty hybrid morsels with 5mg of cannabinoids per piece. Microdose with one, or enjoy a few at a time for a lifted experience this 420. Two packs for $24

Insa 100mg chocolate bars (mix and match flavors) are also a great pickup for 4/20! 2 for $35


byky chocolate bonbons edibles

Try ByKy’s Chocolate BonBons in Hazlenut Espresso or Salted Caramel Cashew for a decadent dose of cannabinoids created by holistic nutritionist and plant-based chef, Ky Keenan. Enjoy the sweet flavors and feel good about it. ByKy Bon Bons are organic, vegan, paleo, keto-friendly, dairy free, gluten free, and made with no refined sugars. $24


kanha nano gummies

Kanha edibles are divinely sweet and made with cannabis terpenes. Both the nano gummies and sour belts are delicious and fast acting options for 4/20. We’ll have those available for 2 for $50. 

Cannabis Beverages

Cann Tonic 6-pack

cann thc drink

In tasty Blood Orange Cardamom flavor, enjoy Cann’s 2:1 THC/CBD zippy cannabis beverage. At only 30 calories per can, these cannabevs can be enjoyed alongside a meal or casually among friends. Ring in spring with bright, fruity, flavors and a carbonated zing.

Bud’s Gift Cards

buds goods cannabis gift cards

If you’re shopping for friends and family but not sure what their cannabis preferences are, purchase a Bud’s Goods gift card and let them browse our selection themselves.

So come on down to Bud’s Goods in Worcester, Abington, or Watertown and let us help you make your 420 celebrations the best they can be. Be sure to check out our dispensary deals page for a full list of deals we’ll have running this 4/20. Happy blazing, buds!

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