Celebrate 420: Massachusetts Cannabis Deals

Buds Goods 420 dispensary weed deal 2024


It’s that time of year again — April 20th is just around the bend, and as your friendly neighborhood cannabis company, Bud’s Goods, we are buzzing! This year, we’re here to elevate your celebrations with a stellar lineup of cannabis products. Whether you’re looking to spark up a joint, enjoy a delicious edible, or sample some great cannabis carts, we’ve got everything you need to make the festivities remarkable. Trust in our high-quality offerings to provide great experiences and exceptional value daily.

But there’s more in store — our deals are designed to enhance your celebration of cannabis culture. We look forward to discounts on popular items, loyalty rewards, and more. At Bud’s Goods, we’re committed to more than just supplying your needs; our expert staff is always ready to provide the insights and support you need to partake in cannabis consumption and fully enjoy the day safely.

For all the details, let us guide you to the Best MA deals this 420. Don’t miss our extended promotions; check out our dispensary deals page for more fantastic offers.

While supplies last. Limited time only. Ask a bud for details!

Flower Deals in Massachusetts

Bud’s Everyday

bud's everyday cannabis flower 420 deal

Our flower is carefully sourced in bulk and freshly packaged by Bud’s team. We ensure our picks are selected based on Bud’s Goods quality control standards, meaning we do all the work to ensure you’re only getting the best buds every time you shop with us. Better yet, Bud’s Everyday is affordable, so no matter what, you won’t have to break the bank to buy the best buds.

  • 4 for $20 on 1g Everyday 2pk Pre-Rolls (mix & match) (4/17-4/20 Only)
  • 2 for $120 Bud’s Everyday 14g Flower (mix & match)

Lil’ Jays

lil jays buds goods 420 deals

Grab a pack of Lil’ Jays to enjoy some quality bud without the hassle. The “People’s Eighth” rolled into tiny joints provides a ready-to-go means of enjoying Bud’s flower. These 10-packs are perfect for your stash and can be easily transported in their reusable metal tin. Dog-walker-sized and great for a casual puff n’ go, Lil’ Jays are small enough to enjoy for one. Choose various strains for a go-to daytime joint or a heady nighttime buzz.

  • $35 Lil’ Jay’s 10pk 0.35g Pre-Rolls

Lil Bud’s

lil buds 420 deals

Otherwise known as “The People’s Eighth,” Lil’ Bud’s is the cheapest 8th in Massachusetts. This affordable, curated selection of smalls is ideal for anyone seeking quality flower for a manageable price point. Selected from a variety of strains and cultivators, shoppers will find a diverse selection of Lil’ Bud’s to choose from. Stock up and enjoy some Spring flower.

  • 2 for $40 Select Flower Eighths (Lil’ Bud’s, Ocean Breeze, Good Grass) mix & match)

Bud’s Finest

Bud’s Finest is for you if you want to celebrate 420 with a top-tier flower selection. Our expert team curates this tier and chooses our selection from only the best flower grown in the state. By seeking out cannabis flower with the best quality, rarest cultivars, desirable sizes, and potencies, we’re sourcing flowers fit for fans and discerning smokers. If you’re looking to stock up on high-quality buds, this 420 is the time to do so.

  • 2 for $75 Bud’s Finest 1/8ths (mix & match)

Bud’s Firecrackers are New on April 20!

Introducing Bud’s Firecrackers, the latest addition to our lineup, will launch on 4/20! These are no ordinary joints—they’re infused with an extra kick of goodness, making them perfect for your celebrations. Get ready to elevate your experience with Bud’s Firecrackers, coming to you this 4/20.

  • $35 Bud’s Firecrackers Infused 0.5g Pre-Rolls 5pk (launch on 4/20)

420 Cannabis Vapes Deals

  • $25 Select 1g Carts (Every Sunday & Tuesday)

Bud’s Battery for Carts

  • $5 Bud’s Battery with Single 1g Cart or 2 0.5g Carts


  • 20% off Fernway 1g Carts

Preroll Deals

Our Great Selection of Pre-rolls

preroll deal near me for 420
  • $7.50 Select 1g Pre-Rolls

Lil Jay’s

  • $35 Lil’ Jay’s 10pk 0.35g Pre-Rolls

Buds Everyday Prerolls

  • 4 for $20 1g Everyday 2pk Pre-Roll


concentrate weed deals 420 MA

Cloud Cannabis

  • 15% Off All 4g Baller Jar Concentrates

Crispy Commission

  • 35% Off Crispy Commission 1g Concentrates

420 Edibles


gummy deals 420 near me Mass Smokiez
  • 2 for $20 Smokiez 50mg 10pk Gummies

Cannabis Beverages

High Tide Margaritas (Abington ONLY)

hightide thc beverage 420 deals
  • 4 for $20 HighTide 5mg Margaritas (Abington ONLY)

THC Tinctures

Good Vibes

good vibes thc tincture 420 deals
  • 10% Off Good Vibes 500mg Syrup

Weed Accessories 420 Deals

Green Goddess and Witch Dr. Glass

10% Off Green Goddess &  Witch Dr. Glass Buds Goods 420 Deals
  • 10% Off Green Goddess &  Witch Dr. Glass

Dispensary Deal of a Lifetime

Here’s something special we have cooked up for our love and respect for cannabis: six fortunate Bud’s Benefit members will receive an exclusive offer added to their wallet on 4/22/2024! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – enroll today to qualify. For more details, ask one of our buds during your next visit.

More Ways to Celebrate: Bud’s Gift Cards

If you’re shopping for friends and family but are unsure about their cannabis preferences, purchase a Bud’s Goods gift card and let them browse our selection.

buds goods cannabis dispensary gift cards

So come down to Bud’s Goods in Worcester, Abington, or Watertown, and let us help you make your 420 celebrations the best they can be.

Check out our dispensary deals pages below for a complete list of deals running this 4/20. Don’t forget to sign up for our Bud’s Benefits Dispensary Loyalty Program while you are at it!

While supplies last. Limited time only. Ask a bud for details!

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