Cannabis Gifts To Light Up Your 8 Days of Hanukkah

Hanukkah cannabis gift guide


Such as the oil that lasted all eight days many moons ago, with this guide you shall have eight Hanukkah cannabis gifts to stay lit all throughout your celebrations. With a curated selection of gift options to delight the cannabis lovers on your holiday shopping list, Bud’s Goods is highlighting some of the latest and greatest items for your enjoyment, whether you’re seeking expertly grown cannabis flower or novelties like a menorah bong.

Gather round and enjoy quality flower, chocolates, vapes, and more as you laugh and rejoice in the festive spirit that is Hanukkah.

After all, playing Dreidel is even more fun with weed!

1. Bud’s Everyday 1g 2-pack 0.5g Pre-rolls

Bud’s Everyday 1g 2-pack 0.5g Pre-rolls Hanukkah

Kickstart your celebrations with Bud’s Everyday 1g 2-pack 0.5g pre-rolls. Designed for convenience and enjoyment, these pre-rolls embody the happy, celebratory tone of Bud’s Goods. They’re perfect for a relaxed, joyous evening.

2. GRAV® Clear Weed Menorah Bong

weed menorah bong Hanukkah cannabis gift guide

It wouldn’t be Hanukkah without the menorah and this year, you can experience “eight crazy nights” with GRAV’s Clear Menorah. This menorah bong is screaming to be packed with your choice of Hanukkah weed. A stoner’s delight and a true conversation piece, it may be best to enjoy this one among friends or true cannabis-loving family members since hitting this bong is not for the faint of heart. This gift keeps on giving and can easily be enjoyed with a group.

3. Insa chocolate bar

gift guide Insa chocolate bar
The Insa Chocolate Bar is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth. Made with an infused blend of dark and white chocolates, each bar contains 100 milligrams of THC – the perfect dose for recreational users who want to enjoy themselves responsibly. Insa chocolate, with its delightful flavors, is the perfect Hanukkah gift that will surely leave a lasting impression!

4. Goldies 1g Distillate Cart

Goldies 1g Distillate Cart

The Goldies 1g Distillate Cart is the perfect gift for someone who wants to experience a dependable, high-quality cannabis product. This distillate cartridge contains a single gram of THC and features a ceramic core that provides even heat and larger vapor clouds. Enjoy the sweet, citrusy taste as you inhale, all in an easy-to-carry cartridge that fits snugly in your pocket or bag!

5. Bud’s Lil’ Jay’s

Hanukkah cannabis gift guide Bud's Lil' Jay's

Bud’s Lil’ Jay’s are the perfect Hanukkah gift when you want to give something a bit more creative. These pre-rolled joints come with filter tips, so there’s no need for you to buy any additional supplies. Each joint contains .35 grams of quality cannabis, and they come in a 10-pack. With their convenient size and easy portability, Bud’s Lil’ Jay’s make the perfect Hanukkah gift for those who like to enjoy their cannabis responsibly while on the go!

6. Encore RSO Gummies

Encore RSO Gummies

Encore RSO Gummies are a perfect gift for your loved ones this Hanukkah. These tasty treats come in various delightful flavors and are made with all-natural ingredients, making them healthier and more enjoyable than many other cannabis products. They’re low-dose, so no need to worry about overdoing it. Just the right amount of relaxation for a cozy, festive holiday.

7. Good News 1g Disposable Vapes

cannabis gift guide Good News 1g Disposable Vapes

Light up your evening with Good News 1g Disposable Vapes, the perfect Hanukkah gift! Sleek and easy to use, these vapes are a testament to Bud’s Goods’ commitment to offering the largest selection of cannabis products at the best value.


8. Hanukkah Roll With It Card by KushKards

Hanukkah Roll With It Card by KushKards

Exploring Cannabis Gifts for Hanukkah: A Conclusion

If you’re searching for a small and thoughtful gift for your cannabis-loving friends and family during Hanukkah, look no further than KushKards. The “Roll With It” Hanukkah card is the perfect choice. It comes with a matching one-hitter and a slot for a pre-roll. Whether you personally present it or mail it without the pre-roll (please note mailing cannabis across state lines is illegal), this card is sure to bring joy and delight.

Be sure to check Instagram regularly and sign up for our emails and VIP text club to increase your chances of winning. Like a beacon in the night, lighting up your favorite cannabis products is a chance to stay bright and lifted all holiday season.

Chag Sameach from Bud’s Goods to you and yours this Hanukkah!


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