Such as the oil that lasted all eight days of Hanukkah many moons ago, with this guide you shall have eight cannabis gifts to stay lit all throughout your celebrations. With a curated selection of gift options to delight the cannabis lovers on your holiday shopping list, Bud’s Goods is highlighting some of the latest and greatest items for your enjoyment, whether you’re seeking expertly grown cannabis flower or novelties like a menorah bong.

Gather round and enjoy quality flower, chocolates, vapes, and more as you laugh and rejoice in the festive spirit that is Hanukkah. Afterall, playing dreidel is even more fun with weed!

1. Bud’s Everyday Flower

buds everyday

There’s nothing quite like sparking a joint among friends or family, and Bud’s Everyday flower is just the thing you need to elevate your celebrations. Bud’s Everyday is carefully sourced and packaged by Bud’s. We handpick our bud to ensure quality control and Bud’s standards are maintained. We do the work, you reap the rewards – it’s quality flower at affordable prices, so buy in bulk and share the joy!

2. Ocean Breeze THC Chocolate Bars

 thc chocolate ocean breeze cultivators
A family run cannabis business out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, these cultivators are producing top quality cannabis and then infusing it into divinely crafted chocolate morsels. These chocolate bars are decadent treats worthy of being added to any Hanukkah dessert spread!

3. Strane Pax Pods

strane thc vape pods
Strane’s Pax Era Pods are made with strain-specific, pure, natural distillate full of tasty terpenes and varied effects. Try it in a strain like Sunset Sherbet and experience full-body sensations and a dose of energy as anxiousness melts away, no matter what family drama may occur, you’ll be surfing through the evening stress-free. Pax Pods are the perfect gifts for the concentrate lover on-the-go!

4. INSA Disposables

insa thc vape cartridge disposeable
INSA’s disposable vape pens make for easy and discrete cannabis enjoyment. Slip one into your purse or pocket and be on your way. INSA creates products for real-life, and offers premium cannabis to help boost your mood, wind down, ease any ailments and generally elevate your overall experience. INSA’s disposables are strain specific, so choose your own adventure!

5. 1906 Tins

1906 tins thc tabletsThese brightly colored tins of fast-acting edibles are plant-based and scientifically developed to help with specific effects. They’re low-dose and formulated using varied cannabinoids and botanicals. They’re categorized by how you’d like to feel, so it’s easy to choose the right tin for you or anyone on your gift list. Any 420 friendly family members or friends will love 1906, since they’re expertly crafted to ensure the best possible outcomes. Try them in stimulating Bliss, relaxing Chill, Genius for mental clarity and focus, energizing Go, aphrodisiac Love, or sleep-inducing Midnight. Not to mention, these tins are beautifully designed and an ideal small gift for any one of eight nights.

6. Cresco 500mg Liquid Live Resin Carts

liquid live resin cartridges

Cresco’s whole flower Liquid Live Resin uses a single cannabis strain harvested and extracted at peak freshness. There’s no additives in LRR carts, just pure cannabis in every puff. Categorized based on effects, LLR carts are *the* cannabis gift for someone who’s an experienced enthusiast looking for a high-quality full-spectrum cart that truly evokes the whole flower essence.

7. GRAV® Clear Menorah

grav menorah bong

It wouldn’t be Hanukkah without the menorah and this year, you can experience “eight crazy nights” with GRAV’s Clear Menorah. This menorah bong is screaming to be packed with your choice of Hanukkah weed. A stoner’s delight and true conversation piece, it may be best to enjoy this one among friends or true cannabis loving family members since hitting this bong is not for the faint of heart. This gift keeps on giving and can easily be enjoyed with a group.

8. Hanukkah Roll With it Card by KushKards

hanukkah kushkards
Maybe you’re looking for something small and simple to gift your Hanukkah cannabis loving friends and family. If that’s the case, then head over to KushKards for the “Roll With It” Hanukkah card. This card is outfitted with a matching one-hitter and a slot for a pre-roll. Choose to gift this card in person or mail it out to friends and family sans pre-roll (note that it is illegal to mail cannabis out of state). 

That’s not all! At Bud’s Goods, we rolled out our 12 Days of Giveaways on Instagram starting Monday, December 12. We’ll announce giveaways each morning, with 2 winners announced the following day. Tag your friends to be entered into the drawing – the more you tag, the more entries and opportunities to win! Be sure to check Instagram regularly and sign up for our emails and VIP text club to increase your chances of winning. Just as light is our beacon through the night, lighting up your favorite cannabis products is an opportunity to stay bright and lifted all holiday season. Chag Sameach from Bud’s Goods to you and yours this Hanukkah!

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