2023 Adcann Awards Finalists – Bud’s Goods

2023 Adcann awards finalist Buds Goods

Take a look at our impressive achievement as finalists in the 2023 Adcann Awards! We received recognition for our exceptional work in social media, cannabis marketing, and our outstanding retail brand.

Celebrating Three Years of Lil’ Bud’s

Celebrating Three Years of Lil’ Bud’s

Hello, Buds! We are thrilled to announce that November 24th, 2023, marks the third anniversary of Lil’ Bud’s. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride, and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated community of cannabis enthusiasts. To celebrate this milestone, we invite you all to celebrate in stores with us on November 24th! […]

Top 8 Dispensaries in Massachusetts

best dispensaries in Massachusetts buds goods-min

In the ever-evolving landscape of both medicinal and recreational cannabis, Massachusetts stands out as a beacon of quality, variety, and exceptional service. The state is home to numerous top-tier dispensaries, each offering an extensive range of products to suit every consumer’s needs. Here, we talk about the best dispensaries across the state of Massachusetts and […]

NBA’s New Rules for Cannabis Brings Opportunities

nba cannabis laws change

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is making a major shift in its policies regarding cannabis consumption. The new agreement between the NBA and its players’ union is set to remove cannabis from the league’s list of banned substances. This decision comes after years of discussion and debate among players, fans, and officials. The former policy […]

Cannabis Quarterly Review Spring 2023 – Product Previews

BUD’S GOODS & PROVISIONS Locations in Worcester, Abington, and Watertown LIL’ JAY’S Bud’s Goods offers several in-house products, with the first one being “Lil’ Jay’s.” Chief of Staff Jennifer Ngo described the product as “the people’s eighth” packed into 10 mini pre-rolls in a pocket-sized tin. “They are convenient and perfect for sharing with all your […]

Worcester Business Journal’s Best of Business 2023: Best Food, Drink & Marijuana

Worcester Business Journal’s Best of Business 2023: Best Food, Drink & Marijuana Bud’s Goods won Worcester Business Journal’s Best Marijuana Company: Bud’s Goods & Provisions* Location: Worcester, BudsGoods.com Top executive: President & CEO Alex Mazin Founded: 2018 Employees: 83 Bud’s Goods & Provisions focus on quality products for its customers has the cannabis dispensary feeling well-positioned heading into 2023, […]

2022 Independent Cannabis Retail Brand of the Year Finalists

2022 Independent Cannabis Retail Brand of the Year Finalists Bud’s Goods & Provisions – Massachusetts Warm & inviting, it’s no wonder that Massachusett’s Bud’s Goods & Provisions was featured in Hospitality Design-Wellness’ October issue! That’s right, in Worcester, Ablington, and Watertown, Massachusett’s locals can visit their good friend Bud’s for all of their cannabis & […]

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