2023 Adcann Awards Finalists – Bud’s Goods

2023 Adcann awards finalist Buds Goods

Take a look at our impressive achievement as finalists in the 2023 Adcann Awards! We received recognition for our exceptional work in social media, cannabis marketing, and our outstanding retail brand.

Clio Cannabis Award Winners: Buds Goods

Clio cannabis awards winners Buds Goods 2023

Bud’s Goods: Triumph at the Clio Cannabis Awards 2023 and a Look Back at 2022 Hey there, Buds! We’re buzzing with excitement to share some amazing news. Remember how we crushed it at the Clio Cannabis Awards in 2022? Hang on tight because we’ve done it again in 2023 with our campaigns! Our groundbreaking “Name […]

Boston Magazine – 2023 Best Weed Dispensary

It feels like home walking into Bud’s Goods in Watertown, and that’s just what was intended. The theme of the dispensary’s third and latest location is home, after all, bringing the customer on a journey from the store’s porch (ID check) through the pantry (edibles, anyone?) and ending in the grand room for checkout. But it’s […]

Infused Influence – Alex Mazin

Infused Influence is a cannabis podcast produced by Major Bloom. Hosts Harry and Ulysses interview a new guest every episode. On this episode of Infused Influence the guys speak to owner of Bud’s Goods Alex Mazin. He talks how he got into the industry and how important it is to be involved in the community […]

Cannabis Quarterly Review Spring 2023 – Product Previews

BUD’S GOODS & PROVISIONS Locations in Worcester, Abington, and Watertown LIL’ JAY’S Bud’s Goods offers several in-house products, with the first one being “Lil’ Jay’s.” Chief of Staff Jennifer Ngo described the product as “the people’s eighth” packed into 10 mini pre-rolls in a pocket-sized tin. “They are convenient and perfect for sharing with all your […]

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