Brand: Good Feels

Beverage Enhancer 90mg - 3:2 Raspberry


The Raspberry Beverage Enhancer. A brand-new innovation. Like warm summer days - hands stained red from the fresh picking. Bright and inviting. An injection of euphoria to make any moment a feel-good opportunity. Elevating a drink to a beverage. Transforming a moment into core memory. Fresh. Freeing. Fun.

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CBD (Cannabidiol) 62.4
CBD (Cannabidiol)-62.4
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 153.69
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-153.69

About the brand :
Good Feels

Have you ever had this lightbulb moment after a night out? "Drinking just doesn't feel good anymore" Ya... Good Feels' too. Thats why they've created deliciously satisfying cannabis-infused seltzers and beverage enhancers. With no alcohol and all the flavor of a deliciously carbonated seltzer, Good Feels' infused beverages - made with pure cannabis extractions - provide a balance of CBD and THC in a crisp sparkling beverage. Have you ever wished you could make a regular beverage into a cannabis-infused beverage? Now you can with just a few drops of the Good Feels Beverage Enhancer. This on-the-go option makes every drink a Good Feels drink. Perfect for micro-dosing, the Beverage Enhancers are fast-acting, has a clean consistent taste, and make it easy to control your desired experience. *Zero Sugar *Zero Calorie *Fast Acting *Easy Dosing *No Hangover A better alternative to drinking & smoking, helping you to become a better you. Explore Good Feels line of cannabis-infused seltzers and beverage enhancer drink drops in the state of Massachusetts and keep an eye out for seasonal limited-time flavors.

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