Brand: Happy Valley

Distillate Cart - Grandpa's Cookies #5

Indica HybridTHC:85.45%

Grandpa’s Cookies is a robust flavor profile characterized by earthy and musky notes, paired with sulfured diesel. Full-bodied and mildly skunky, this beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllene dominant terpene profile is delicately complex. Worn leather melds with sandalwood and subtle spice to culminate in a profile that leans towards the chem side of the aroma spectrum.

Happy Valley’s Live Vape Oil amplifies the vape experience by utilizing a broad spectrum of cannabis- derived live terpenes, capturing the plant’s essence at the peak of maturity and after its flower has been cured. This curates an unparalleled vape experience, for which the flavor and effect are truly representative of the plant they are derived from.

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Beta Caryophyllene 0.97%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.97%



Potential Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatoryGastrointestinalCancer FightingAnti-depressionAnti-anxietyPain ReliefBrain FunctionAnti-diabetic
Beta Myrcene 2.49%
Beta Myrcene 2.49%



Potential Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatoryCancer FightingPain Relief
CBG (Cannabigerol) 4%
CBG (Cannabigerol)-4%
CBN (Cannabinol) 2.45%
CBN (Cannabinol)-2.45%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 93.66%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-93.66%

About the brand :
Happy Valley

Happy Valley is creating consistent, premium-quality cannabis experiences for you— while raising the bar to improve industry authenticity standards. Start to finish, your Happy Valley experience will be second to none. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an aficionado, we are here to help you unlock the cannabis experience you seek. Their knowledgeable team of Hosts are ready to help you find the ideal consumption method and product just for you.

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