Brand: Bud's Everyday

Flower - Z Face


Bud’s Everyday flower is carefully sourced in bulk & freshly packaged by Bud’s. All the flower we source is picked & quality controlled to our Bud’s Goods standards. We do all the work so you can reap the rewards: quality flower at an affordable price, every day.

Grown by our buds at Resinate.

Face Off OG x Zkittlez | Bred by Archive Seedbank, the pine and fuel notes from Face Off OG with the tropical candy profile from Zkittlez created this gassy sweet Hybrid stain. In low doses, this strain can bring relaxing, even soothing effects. A few more tokes, and before you know it Z-face will send your mind to outerspace.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 34.5%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-34.5%

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