Brand: Western MA Hemp

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CBD products are made with hemp and contain only trace amounts of THC, and oftentimes none at all. These products are not intended to create a psychoactive effect, however inexperienced consumers should always start with small amounts.

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About the brand :
Western MA Hemp

Western MA Hemp was founded by Michael and Brian Lupario in 2019. Seeking the best cannabis experience and quality, we sought out to create a product that resembles the cannabis plant as close as possible. We do this today through craft methods, minimal processing, and never using isolates, distillates and additives. Our Cannabis for the Workweek product line is handcrafted for those that use Cannabis to enhance and maintain their active and productive lifestyles. With all the benefits of Cannabis without intoxication, our products allow consumers to: 1. Conveniently microdose THC with a 25:1 CBD:THC ratio 2. Find a product for every time of day with strain specific terpenes and extracts 3. Feel the true-to-the-plant experience without intoxication, isolates, or distillates

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