Brand: Legacy

Hash - Tropical Runtz


Imagine the earthy aroma of fresh cannabis essence awakens your senses as you warm up a sticky hash ball in the palm of your hand. Joyous anticipation builds up as you prepare the sacrament. Inhale... The moist vapor tastes sweet and floral as it lingers on the tip of your tongue..exhale... Warm waves radiate through the temple of your body, shifting the mind to expand beyond the veil of reality. Witness the light of your mind illuminating your awareness of all that is love.

Legacy Hash is an immersive sensory experience. Its sweet and spicy aroma, laced with notes of tropical fruit and earthy undertones, invites you into a world of discovery. The firm, butter-like texture is a testament to its craftsmanship, offering a versatile and user-friendly experience. Whether you choose to smoke it, dab it, or add it to your joint, pipe, or bong, Legacy Hash adapts to your preferences, making it a seamless addition to your lifestyle.

What sets Legacy Hash apart is its accessibility and adaptability. There's no need for a dab rig, torch, or any other complex equipment. Enjoy it in its purest form with chillum, blend it with ground cannabis flower, or pack it into a vaporizer. It's designed to cater to your needs, however, you choose to embrace it.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 49.81%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-49.81%

About the brand :

Introducing Legacy Cannabis, where quality and passion go hand in hand. Their mission is to inspire and educate the world on the potential of cannabis and to set a new standard in the industry. Their unwavering dedication to quality, expertise, and exceptional track record of operational excellence sets them apart. At Legacy, they understand that quality starts at the roots, and their roots run deep. From day one, their team has been paving the path from the underground to mainstream. Legacy Cannabis values defining a quality cannabis experience lies in the terpenes, not just the THC%. That's why they go above and beyond to preserve the delicate terpene profiles in their products with every step. Legacy Cannabis is setting the new standard of excellence in the modern cannabis industry, and they invite you to experience the difference. Cement your Legacy today!

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