Brand: Puffco

Peak Pro - Travel Pack Orange

The Peak Pro Travel Pack adds more portability and performance to your device, making it easier than ever to consume on the go.

- Ball Cap: Moves airflow around the chamber.

- Oculus Carb Cap: Keep an eye on your extract.

- Silicone Backpack: Adds storage for dual tools.

- Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and makes sharing more sanitary.

- Ergonomic Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and allows for a comfortable head position while hitting.

- Chamber Jacket & Tether: Keep your carb cap secure.

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About the brand :

Established in 2013, vaporizing innovator Puffco is acclaimed for its award-winning vape designs and advanced cannabis concentrate technology. The Los Angeles-based company manufactures an array of elegant and easy-to-use devices for concentrate consumers.

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