Brand: Lil' Bud's

Popcorn - Interstellar Kush

Indica Hybrid

Lil' Bud's are “The People’s Bud”—an affordable, curated selection of the highest quality small buds across the Commonwealth. Available in an ever-changing selection of strains, these buds feature the same cannabinoids & terpenes as all your favorites.

Indica-Hybrid | Kosmic Kush x Wookie #15

With a sativa-indica ratio of 40:60, Interstellar Kush is a hybrid that dances the tightrope between stimulation and relaxation. Upon take-off, you’ll experience an uplifting and energetic surge that stimulates creativity and fuels euphoria.

Perfect for daytime use, Interstellar Kush helps you boldly go where no man has gone before, or at least makes folding laundry feel like an adventure.

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