Brand: Mile 62

Pre-Roll - Citronella


Citronella, the delightful offspring of Grape Pie and Gorilla Diesel, is a playful fusion of fruity sweetness and diesel power. With its sour and sugary grape aromas from Grape Pie and the heavy relaxation of Gorilla Diesel, this strain will initially uplift your spirits before gently guiding you to the couch for a cozy evening of munchies and TV. Citronella's flavor is a tantalizing blend of rich fruity berry pie with a spicy, peppery diesel exhale, making each puff a flavorful adventure.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 34.29%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-34.29%

About the brand :
Mile 62

See the world from another perspective 62 Miles up where space begins. Mile 62 is Rev’s newest class of grower curated flower that’s truly out of this world. Featuring a mix of legendary and unique genetics and undergoing several rounds of pheno-hunting, these cultivars received extra time and attention from seedling to dispensary counter. Mile 62 strains are always hand-trimmed and grower-selected for their intense flavors, aromas, high TAC and terpene content.

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