Brand: Valorem

Pre-Roll - Kine Garlic Tsunami

Sativa HybridTHC:5.75%CBD:13.26%

Our Garlic Tsunami is a unique in-house bred cross of Garlic Breath x Sour Tsunami, resulting in an incredibly balanced and full spectrum experience. Perfect for any time of day, our Garlic Tsunami is a Sativa-Leaning Hybrid and possesses a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, which is partially responsible for the full bodied experience our Tsu is known for. Garlic Tsunami contains a variety of exotic terpenes, including Terpinolene, Limonene, Endo-Fenchyl Alcohol and Terpineol, which help produce this strains one of a kind effects and flavor profile. With traditional notes of Garlic and stone fruit, users report this high relaxes both body and mind, with uplifting and mood-enhancing effects. This strain won 1st Place for Best CBD Flower at the 2023 Terptown Throwdown!

Lineage: Garlic Breath x Sour Tsunami Predominant Terpenes - Terpinolene, Limonene, Endo-fenchyl alcohol, Terpineol, Pinene

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CBCA (Cannabichromenenic acid) 0.59
CBCA (Cannabichromenenic acid)-0.59
CBD (Cannabidiol) 13.26%
CBD (Cannabidiol)-13.26%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 20.13%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-20.13%
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol) 0.24%
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)-0.24%
THCVA (Tetrahydrocanabivarinic acid) 0.29%
THCVA (Tetrahydrocanabivarinic acid)-0.29%

About the brand :

The war on drugs is unjust, and top dollar 1/8ths that underdeliver don’t feel right either. Valorem knows that not everyone who respects the dank can pay top dollar, so they sell Valorem products at prices you can live with. So smoke up and enjoy, because today you took "the high road."

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