What is 7/10 Day?

The phrase 7/10 has become increasingly important in the global cannabis community. The 710 meaning is simple; it stands for July 10, a date the cannabis community considers a celebration. The date hasn’t become as famous as 4/20, but it’s growing in popularity rapidly.

However, unlike the significant 4/20 cannabis celebration, 7/10 focuses primarily on dabbing. This involves the consumption of cannabis concentrates, wax, and budder. These are highly potent extracts of cannabis, making them perfect for anyone seeking a powerful high.

The 7/10 holiday has become the ideal opportunity for cannabis companies to showcase dabbing techniques and equipment, create concentrate sales and promotions, and organize social events for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Understanding Dabbing

Dabbing has become a popular method of consumption in the cannabis industry; it involves the vaporization and combustion of highly concentrated forms of cannabis. In most cases, these types of cannabis have high THC levels, making them more suitable for experienced smokers.

Let’s take a deeper look at the process of dabbing:

  1. Gather the right equipment: First, you’ll need the right equipment to start dabbing, including the dab rig, a butane torch or an electric nail, a dabber, and concentrate.
  2. Prepare the dab rig: After that, you need to prepare the dab rig with enough water to create percolation and filtration.
  3. Heat the nail or banger: Then, you’ll need to use a butane torch—if you’re using a traditional dab rig—until it reaches the desired temperature between 315°C and 450°C (600°F and 850°F).
  4. Allow the banger to cool down: After you’ve heated your nail or banger, it’s time to let it cool down. Typically, you’ll want to wait around 20 to 45 seconds before it fully cools down.
  5. Apply the concentrate: Using your dabber tool, take a small amount of concentrate and place it on the banger or heated nail.
  6. Cover the nail with a carb cap: Once you’ve applied concentrate, cover the nail with a carb cab to retain height and regulate airflow.
  7. Inhale and enjoy: Now, the process is almost complete; the only thing left is to inhale and enjoy the potentially excellent side effects.

The main benefit of dabbing cannabis is its potency due to higher THC and CBD levels, leaving you with more powerful side effects. In addition, the effects of dabbing cannabis are faster, it’s a more efficient way of consuming cannabis, and it offers enhanced flavor profiles.

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The Origins of the Term 7/10

So why is 7/10 dab day? The phrase began when people noticed the word ‘OIL’ spelled 710 when rotated 180 degrees. In the context of cannabis, ‘oil’ refers to cannabis concentrates. As a result, this led to the growth of 7/10 oil day as an unofficial cannabis holiday.

The term generally grew in the early 2010s, largely on cannabis forums and social media.

LA Weekly published a short article saying 7/10 is the new 4/20 in July 2013. Shortly after, the cannabis community hosted the first 7/10 celebration, and the date has become more famous ever since.

However, it’s challenging to trace the term’s true origins to a specific event or individual. Some online sources refer to TaskRok of Highly Educated when establishing the holiday’s origins. During an interview with Leaf Online, he suggested he created the term in an industry chat with peers from Beehive Oil Clothing and Healthstone.

TaskRok also created a rap album called “The Movement” under the group name Task & Linus. The album included various references to dabbing and concentrates. Despite this, TaskRok says the phrase belongs to the community now. He doesn’t claim ownership of the phrase, and the origin story of 7/10 remains up for speculation.

Celebrating 7/10 Day

If you’re looking to join the cannabis community and celebrate 7/10 in style, there are various things you could do:

  • Dab with your friends: 7/10 dab day is the perfect time to dab with your friends. If you’ve never dabbed before, this could be the ideal day to start. After all, why is 7/10 dab day? Many people suggest it’s for dabbing with friends.
  • Visit a cannabis store: Why not check out your local cannabis store on 7/10? It’s one of the best ways to celebrate the day and support your local cannabis community.
  • Try new concentrates: If you’re considering trying new concentrates, 7/10 is the best day. Try new flavors and strengths to broaden your horizons.
  • Host a dabbing-themed party: 7/10 is the ultimate day to organize a dabbing-themed party with your friends. Purchase a selection of dab stations with different rigs, nails, and concentrates.
  • Choose the best music: Celebrating 7/10 in style isn’t possible without listening to the best music. Ensure you download the perfect cannabis playlist for your high.

Remember, you should always consume cannabis responsibly on 7/10. Carefully monitor your dose, choose the right strain, and don’t try to force it. If you begin to feel adverse side effects—which aren’t uncommon when dabbing too much—take some deep breaths, chat with friends, and focus on positive thoughts.

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7/10 Dab Day at Bud’s Goods

7/10 day has become one of the most important dates for the cannabis community. This celebration will only become more prominent in the coming years as more locations legalize cannabis globally.

However, ensure you celebrate responsibly on 7/10. Dabbing can be highly potent, so it’s always best to be cautious.

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