Influential Black Leaders in Cannabis History

celebrate black leaders in cannabis history with Buds Goods

Explore the legacy and impact of influential Black figures in cannabis history, from trailblazing entrepreneurs to iconic cultural advocates. Their inspiring journeys illuminate the path toward equity and diversity in the cannabis industry, shaping its future and honoring its past.

How to Get the Most Bud for Your Buck in Massachusetts

how to save money on weed Bud's Goods MA

Being financially savvy extends to all aspects of life, including cannabis consumption. Whether for recreation or medicinal purposes, the cost of weed can accumulate. This post explores practical tips to save on marijuana expenses without compromising quality or potency. Stay tuned as we guide you through budget-friendly cannabis consumption.

Croptober: Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Croptober Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Buds Goods Massachusetts

What is Croptober? The phrase “Croptober” has become common in the last decade. It marks the pinnacle of the cannabis harvest season, where cultivators gather to reap the rewards of their hard work during the year. You can trace Croptober’s origins back to the natural cannabis growth cycle, which results in a massive harvest during […]

Strain of the Month: Slap and Tickle

Strain of the Month Slap and Tickle Buds Goods

It’s that time of the month again! At Bud’s Goods, it’s our pleasure to present the best cannabis strains monthly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking to boost your creativity, relax your mind and body, or raise overall energy—we bring the best strains to you. This September, we’re featuring an Indica-dominant hybrid called the Slap […]

What is Kief? (And How to Make it)

What is Kief (And How to Make it)

In the ever-changing world of cannabis, the term “kief” has gained immense traction among enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Kief is simply a concentrated form of cannabis trichomes that may offer robust side effects. You can collect kief by separating trichomes from the cannabis plant with a grinder or by sifting. Due to its potency and high […]

Strain of the Month: Half Pint

Strain of the Month Half Pint Buds Goods Mass

At Bud’s Goods, we take tremendous pleasure in featuring the best cannabis strains every month. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing a boost in energy, a surge of creativity, or a moment of relaxation, our highlighted monthly strain could be the ideal option for you. This month, we’re featuring a potent hybrid called the Half Pint […]

Strain of the Month: Soulmate

Soulmate Strain Buds Goods Massachusetts

At Buds Goods, we’ve chosen a fantastic balanced hybrid cannabis strain to feature this July. We’re always seeking the best cannabis strains for our customers. Whether you need extra energy, complete body relaxation, or a boost in creativity, our strain of the month could be ideal for you. This July, we’re presenting the Soulmate weed […]

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