Bud’s 3 Best Cannabis Strains for Concerts

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Smoking weed at concerts isn’t a new phenomenon. But having a stash tailor-made to the type of music you’re going to listen to and the people you’re going to listen to it with—that’s a vibe. And when done right, it can take even the most practiced concert-goer’s experience to a whole new level.

First things first, you gotta customize your concert goods intentionally, for your sake and the sake of those dancing next to you all night. You don’t want to be stuck in your seat for a head-banging rock concert, and your buds definitely don’t want you to be overly chatty at a mellow jazz show.

Find your natural fit from our list of best cannabis strains for concerts below. And then share this quick read with the buds you’re bringing so they can amp their vibe too.

Best Hybrid Strain for Concerts: Gelato #33

Gelato #33 is our fave hybrid to recommend for concerts because it’s about as perfect of an Indica-Sativa balance as you can find.

A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, it inherited the best of each to become an energy-inducing, body-loosening flower that’s perfect for nearly any type of concert and concert-goer. Seriously, you’ll be just as happy jumping up and down dancing as you’ll be sitting down focusing on each individual note that shakes your eardrums.

Fair warning, this strain is heavy on caryophyllene, so its musky, woodsy smell is hard to ignore—should you need to be practicing discretion.

Best Indica Strain for Concerts: Black Mamba #7

Although the whole Indica Effects vs Sativa Effects debate is currently…well, being debated (shout out terpenes)…we can vouch that Black Mamba #7 is what our seasoned consumers would consider a true Indica. Meaning if you’re not careful, this strain can sneak up on you and keep you sedated for hours.

But don’t let that keep you from adding it to your concert cache. Although it imparts a heavy body high, it first delivers a wave of upbeat effects that’ll ground you in the moment and encourage you to actually listen to the talent on stage. It will eventually flow through your entire body and stay there for a while though, so we suggest this one specifically for experienced smokers or for concerts where it’s okay to be blissed out. Like Jerry Garcia 20-minute guitar solo blissed out.

Best Sativa Strain for Concerts: Strawberry Banana Lemon

If you like your concert experience to be pure stoke, Strawberry Banana Lemon is for you. Inhaling the first hit of this Sativa-dominant hybrid is almost like hearing the first note of your favorite song—your focus sharpens, your senses heighten, and your energy nearly bubbles over. And, like your favorite song, you can hit this a few times and still not feel like you’ve overdone it.

Its name aptly describes its smell, in part because of its healthy limonene content, so your concert neighbors hopefully shouldn’t be too bothered. Of course, like any strain, there is a little funk to it, so just be aware.

High Notes

Choosing the best cannabis strains for concerts comes down to identifying three things:

  1. The type of experience you want
  2. The type of experience your buds want
  3. The type of music you’re going to hear

If you can get really specific on these three things, our budtenders can help you find the strains you need for your best concert experience. Odds are, they’ll recommend at least one of the three strains mentioned above as these are our staff picks for smoking weed at concerts. We have dozens of strains to choose from at any one of our three Massachusetts locations, so if these didn’t hit quite right, come see us. We always hook up our buds.

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