Massachusetts Cannabis Beverages: We Tried Them So You Don’t Have To

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Cannabis beverages fall under the category of edibles. However, their effects are typically felt sooner than traditional edibles, because they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth and stomach faster. 

Here at Bud’s Goods, we want to bring you cannabis drinks that are highly potent, taste great, and are of high quality. Our team came together to taste test a variety of cannabis beverages and give you the rundown on each of them, to help you decide which ones you should try for yourself.

Cann Social Tonic

cann social tonic cannabis beverage

If you want a drink that gives a much-needed mood boost and makes you feel more social, Cann Social Tonic is a great option. 

Cann Social Tonic’s beverages contain 5 mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10 mg cannabinol (CBD) – a mild blend, but still enough to give you a nice buzz. Although everyone responds slightly differently, many people report feeling these effects within ten minutes or so. 

Another bonus is that you don’t have to worry about waking up the next day with a hangover. Instead, feel free to enjoy more than one drink. 

Cann Social Tonic’s beverages are low-calorie, made from natural ingredients, and the cannabis is sourced from a pure extract, so it’s a drink that has really been thought out well. Upon taking your first sip, you’ll notice the bright, juicy, and refreshing taste. 

Bud’s Goods currently stocks four flavor options, which may vary by location, all of which are great to try. They include:

Hi5 Seltzer

hi5 cannabis seltzer

Hi5 Seltzer is a cannabis beverage you’ll want to try if you need a rapid onset of effects. After drinking one Hi5 Seltzer, we each felt a sense of calmness, happiness, and relaxation for around five minutes, and we enjoyed these peaceful feelings for 45 minutes or so. Again, we’ve heard from our customers that effects can vary depending on the person. 

Their infused beverages have no sugar, contain zero calories, and are made from natural fruit flavors. 

The High5 Seltzer flavors currently on offer, depending on location, are:

  • Energy. This flavor stands out from the rest, as in addition to the 5mg of THC, it contains 80 mg of caffeine. This is approximately the amount of caffeine you’d get in a cup of coffee, helping you feel even more energized, creative, and focused. 

Select Squeeze 

select squeeze cannabis drink

Select Squeeze is a unique and interesting product. 

Unlike the other beverages on this list, Select Squeeze contains a water-soluble liquid that you squeeze into your drink. Each squeeze delivers a precise serving of 5 mg THC, so you get the perfect amount each time. 

Many of our customers who have tried Select Squeeze tell us that the effects can be felt within 15 minutes or so. 

Select Squeeze comes in a pocket-sized bottle for your convenience. It’s very easy to use and can be mixed with whatever beverage you choose. 

Vibations Drink Powder 


vibations cannabis drink mix

Vibations drink powder is a package of healthy components, containing vitamins and electrolytes to keep you hydrated. 

Vibations also gives you a burst of energy, thanks to the addition of caffeine naturally derived from guarana. 

The most noticeable effects of Vibations include feeling creative, focused, inspired, energetic, and happy.  

The powder is also simple to use – all you need to do is add water. 

Each drink contains two fruits that taste great and go well together. These include:

The lowdown 

After testing these cannabis beverages and more, we can safely say that they’re something that you’ll want to try too. We especially loved the variety of flavors and the rapid effects on the body. If you’re looking for a change from the norm, cannabis beverages can provide an interesting and unique experience – and may even become your go-to! 

To discover the selection of beverages we have on offer, stop by one of our three dispensary locations in Abington, Waterton, or Worcester. We’d love to see you there.

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