Coming out on top this year is Bud’s Goods & Provisions, a cannabis retailer with locations in Worcester, Abington, and Watertown. Readers said they chose Bud’s as their favorite dispensary because of the variety, quality, and cost of the products as well as the “super friendly budtenders.”

Alex Mazin, the founder and CEO of Bud’s Goods & Provisions, said he thinks of dispensaries as “community, neighborhood businesses just like a liquor store or a pharmacy or a gas station or nail salon.” As a Worcester native, Mazin knew that the key to success would be understanding the needs of the community his shops serve.

“We’re focused on every aspect from the consumer’s perspective. The service, the pricing, the menu offering, the decor, and the convenience,” he told “Understanding Worcester is a much more predominant flower consumer than Abington and Watertown. Consumer are more product curious in Watertown so they’re constantly trying new things, whether it’s flower or consumables. [We] cater to those needs specifically.”

Mazin said his business keeps things local by hiring locally and regularly curating the best quality products in Massachusetts. They also give back with community building and cannabis education events. Last month, Bud’s hosted a veterans’ breakfast in Abington and answered questions members of the community had about marijuana use.

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