The Best 6 Infused Prerolls in Massachusetts

The Best 6 Infused Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts


Welcome to the world of infused pre-rolls in Massachusetts! It’s a rapidly growing segment in the cannabis market, and for good reason. These pre-rolled joints are not only convenient and easy to use, but they also provide a unique and flavorful experience that traditional flower just can’t match.

Bud’s is here to assist you in navigating our curated selection of premium infused pre-rolls. We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the 6 best infused prerolls in Massachusetts, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

Get ready to discover the wonderful world of infused prerolls and elevate your cannabis experience with Bud’s Goods!

Glorious Cannabis Co. Fire Styxx Infused Preroll – Razzberry Diesel

Glorious Cannabis Co. Fire Styxx-Infused Pre Roll Razzberry Diesel
  • Price: ~$12 each
  • Potency: ~35% to ~46% THC, ~38% TAC
  • Type: Sativa-Hybrid
  • Lineage: Sour Diesel X Sweet Cherry Afghani Strains

Glorious Cannabis Co’s Razzberry Diesel Fire Styxx Infused Pre-Roll presents a unique aromatic profile, blending the robust notes of diesel with the zesty undertones of spicy fruit and berries. This intriguing combination evolves as the pre-roll burns, offering a dynamic sensory experience.

Despite its sativa dominance, it delivers surprisingly relaxing effects, creating a pleasant contrast with its vibrant flavor profile. The high is characterized by an initial light, uplifting sensation, smoothly transitioning into a state of creative euphoria and heightened focus. This makes it particularly suitable for artistic endeavors. 

Its popularity at Bud’s Goods is a testament to its balanced effects and appealing aroma, making it one of the best-selling infused prerolls in its collection.

M-80 Kief Infused Pre-Roll Guava OG by Pioneer Valley

M-80 Kief Infused Pre-Roll Guava OG by Pioneer Valley
  • Price: ~$20
  • Potency: ~39% to ~44% THC, ~46% TAC
  • Type: Indica Hybrid
  • Lineage: Skywalker OG cannabis terpenes X natural botanically derived terpenes.

M-80 Infused Pre-Roll – Guava OG by Pioneer Valley is a true testament to craftsmanship and quality. This Indica Hybrid offers potency and promises a robust experience. The lineage is notable, with a blend of Skywalker OG cannabis terpenes and natural botanically derived terpenes. This delivers a unique and indulgent profile. The pre-roll itself is a masterpiece, starting with premium flower, meticulously infused with terpene-infused distillate that echoes the rich, sweet, and herbal notes of the Pioneer Valley’s Raspberry Skywalker OG Vape Cartridge. The final touch, a lavish coat of kief, not only adds to its visual allure but significantly ramps up the potency, ensuring that each draw is as potent as it is pleasurable.

The Guava OG variant stands out with its alluring terpene profile, described by clients as sweet, tropical, and undeniably fruity, dominated by a-pinene, b-pinene, b-myrcene, Geraniol, and p-cymene. The aroma and flavor are intensively enriched by the terpene infusion, creating an immersive sensory experience. The meticulous hand-rolling process and the kief coating ensure an even burn, offering a smooth, continuous enjoyment from the first light to the last puff.

Lobo – Infused Pre-Roll 7 Pack – Hero Cookies

Lobo - Infused Pre-Roll 7 Pack - Hero Cookies
  • Price: ~$55, for a 7-pack ( ⅛ oz)
  • Potency: ~32% THC, ~33.29% TAC
  • Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • Lineage: Skunk Hero x Ethos Cookies

The Lobo Infused Pre-Roll 7 Pack – Hero Cookies, a hybrid blend from Skunk Hero x Ethos Cookies, is yet another one of the best-selling infused prerolls at Bud’s Goods. The flavor and aroma profile is a fascinating mix of peppery, sour, and spicy notes, creating a distinctive sensory experience. 

The sativa-dominant Super Skunk strain contributes a citrusy, earthy aroma that perfectly balances and enhances the overall experience. Ethos Cookies bring an evenly balanced hybrid effect, known for its heavy potency and uplifting effects. The preroll offers a harmonious blend of relaxing and blissful effects. Courtesy of the Indica-dominant properties of Skunk Hero and the potent characteristics of Ethos Cookies.

Toast’s Mango Haze Infused Pre-Roll

Toast’s Mango Haze Infused Pre-Roll
  • Price: ~$15
  • Potency: ~40% to ~50% THC
  • Type: Sativa / Hyrbrid
  • Lineage: Northern Lights #5 X Skunk X Haze

The Toast’s Infused Pre-Roll Mango Haze, a Sativa/Hybrid blend from Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze, is notable for its uplifting and energizing effects. This strain is particularly impactful on mood and creativity, making it a favorite for those seeking a boost in their artistic or creative pursuits. 

The flavor profile is distinctly tropical, with a strong presence of mango and other tropical fruit flavors, making it a delight for the palate. The aroma complements this with its own fruity and refreshing scents, contributing to an overall enjoyable and stimulating smoking experience.

Toast Infused prerolls are a delightful homage full spectrum cannabis. Meticulously crafted using 100% flower, they showcase a cannabinoid profile that encompasses minor cannabinoids and terpenes, captivating the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Glorious Cannabis Co. Icewater Infused pre-roll Go Blueberry 

Glorious Cannabis Co. Icewater Infused pre-roll Go Blueberry
  • Price: ~$23
  • Potency: ~35% to 50% THC, ~45% THCA
  • Type: Indica Hybrid
  • Lineage: DJ Short Blueberry

The Glorious Cannabis Co. Icewater Infused Pre-Roll Go Blueberry, is a hybrid strain with lineage from DJ Short Blueberry. This preroll offers a unique smoking experience thanks to its ICEWATER bubble hash infusion. This addition enhances the potency, providing a distinct and powerful experience. 

The flavor profile is deeply rooted in a rich blueberry essence, which is pleasantly evident in both taste and aroma, enhancing the overall enjoyment. In terms of quality, this pre-roll scores high with its even burn and smooth smoke, indicative of its superior craftsmanship. This product is a standout choice for those seeking a robust and flavorful experience.

Experience the perfection of these award-winning pre-rolls. Each one is meticulously crafted by infusing the finest flower with premium, solventless bubble hash, created using only ice and water – absolutely no harsh solvents involved!

Nature Heritage infused pre-rolls Dosi Woah

Nature Heritage infused pre-rolls Dosi Woah
  • Price: ~ $30 1 pack 1 gram, ~$50 5 pack ½ gram 
  • Potency: ~21% to ~34% THC
  • Type: Indica Hybrid
  • Lineage: Do-Si-Dos X Ethos Kush RBX4

Nature Heritage’s infused pre-rolls Dosi Woah, an Indica leaning hybrid, provides a full-bodied high that expertly combines physical relaxation with cerebral stimulation. Infused with bubble hash, it leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, tingly, and sedated.

The genetic makeup of Do-Si-Dos and Ethos Kush RBX4, bred by Ethos Genetics, contributes significantly to these characteristics, offering a deeply satisfying experience.

Flavor-wise, it presents a rich earthy, spicy, and nutty profile, with a unique sour petrol exhale. This is complemented by its aroma, which carries pungent notes of gas and earthy pine, adding to its complexity and appeal.

Massachusetts’ Finest: The Ultimate Infused Prerolls!

To wrap it up, Massachusetts offers a diverse range of infused prerolls with various flavors, potencies, and experiences. Whether you seek relaxation, creativity, or a unique flavor experience, the world of infused prerolls has something for everyone.

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Infused Preroll FAQ

  1. What’s an infused preroll (infused pre roll vs regular)

    An infused pre-roll is a cannabis joint that includes additional cannabis products, such as oils, kief, or concentrates, to enhance potency and flavor. This is in contrast to a regular pre-roll, which typically contains only ground cannabis flower. The infusion in pre-rolls can significantly increase the THC content and alter the overall effects, offering a more intense experience compared to regular pre-rolls. Infused pre-rolls are popular among users seeking stronger effects or a different flavor profile.

  2. What are some infused pre roll brands in Massachusetts?

    In Massachusetts, some notable infused pre-roll brands include Lobo, Toast, Glorious Cannabis Co, and Nature Heritage. These brands are recognized for their quality and variety, offering a range of experiences from different cannabis strains and infusion techniques. Each brand has its unique approach to creating infused pre-rolls, providing consumers with diverse options to suit their preferences and needs.

  3. Are infused pre rolls worth it?

    Yes, infused pre-rolls are considered worth it for many consumers in Massachusetts. They provide a more intense and diverse experience compared to regular pre-rolls, due to their enhanced potency and varied flavor profiles. Infused pre-rolls are particularly appealing for those looking to explore new sensations or for more experienced users seeking a stronger effect. Their growing popularity in the Massachusetts market is a testament to their value among cannabis enthusiasts.

  4. What is a wax infused pre roll?

    A wax-infused pre-roll is a type of cannabis joint that incorporates cannabis wax, a potent concentrate, in addition to the regular flower. This wax is known for its high THC content, significantly enhancing the pre-roll’s potency. The addition of wax not only boosts the overall strength of the joint but also can alter the flavor and smoking experience, often resulting in a more intense and longer-lasting effect. Wax-infused pre-rolls are popular among users looking for a more powerful and enriched cannabis experience.

  5. What type of infused pre-rolls are there?

    Infused pre-rolls are available in several types, differentiated by the substances they’re combined with. Common types include:
    Kief-Infused Pre-Rolls: Coated with kief, a collection of trichomes from the cannabis plant, offering a potency boost.
    Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls: Mixed or coated with hash, providing a more intense experience due to the higher concentration of cannabinoids.
    Oil-Infused Pre-Rolls: Drizzled or coated with cannabis oil, typically resulting in stronger effects and flavor.
    Distillate-Infused Pre-Rolls: Infused with a cannabis distillate, known for its high THC content and purity.
    Terpene-Infused Pre-Rolls: Enhanced with additional terpenes to tailor the flavor profile and potentially modify the effects.
    Flavor-Infused Pre-Rolls: Often combined with natural flavors, offering a unique smoking experience without altering the potency.
    Each type offers a distinct experience, varying in potency, flavor, and effects.

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