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The Green Rush is live every Friday from 4-6pm EST on the Pro Cannabis Media Network including our new PCM TV streaming channel on ROKU. The Green Rush, hosted by Jimmy Young and David Rabinovitz, discusses news issues in the cannabis market each week, conducting a deeper dive into a specific topics of the industry. This week’s topic includes the Weedmaps acquisition of Sprout with Weedmaps CEO, Chris Beals and Sprout CEO, Jaret Christopher, as well as reactions to last week’s NECANN event in Boston. Panel #1 (00:00- 00:30): -Chris Beals, CEO, Weedmaps -Jaret Christopher, CEO, Sprout Panel #2 (00:30- 00:60): -Carl Palme, Founder & CEO, Boundless Robotics -Greg Jacques, Founder, Bowl Buddy -Alex Mazin, Founder & CEO, Bud’s Goods

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