Empowering Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts

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Championing Women in Cannabis

Welcome to Bud’s Goods, a proud supporter and advocate for women in the cannabis industry. As we celebrate Women’s History Month 2024, we take a moment to appreciate the strides made toward equality and empowerment in the Massachusetts cannabis industry. Our mission extends beyond providing high-quality cannabis products; we aim to uplift and highlight the remarkable contributions of women-owned cannabis businesses in Massachusetts.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Tribute to Female Empowerment

March marks Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on women’s achievements and promote an equal future. In the cannabis industry, women are breaking barriers and setting new standards, proving that this once male-dominated field has plenty of room for female leadership and innovation.

Our Commitment: Highlighting Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses in Massachusetts

At Bud’s Goods, our commitment is clear: we are dedicated to spotlighting the incredible women leading the Massachusetts cannabis scene, from cultivation to retail. Throughout the month, we are highlighting women-owned brands such as Coast Cannabis Co., Paper Crane, Miss Grass, Kiva, Clebby’s, Wynk, BeachGrass, and Cami Flower. These entrepreneurs are not just participating in the industry; they’re leading, shaping, and defining the future of cannabis with their innovative and inspiring ventures.

The Rise of Women in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is witnessing a significant shift as of 2024, with more inclusive practices. Women are entering the field more significantly, taking on leadership roles and driving innovation within the Massachusetts cannabis industry. This growing influence is a testament to the changing landscape, where women’s achievements and contributions are recognized and celebrated.

Spotlight on Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts: Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries Owners and More

Massachusetts is home to a remarkable group of female cannabis entrepreneurs, each with their unique story and vision. Let’s dive into the lives and businesses of these pioneering women:

Angela Brown (Coast Cannabis)

Angela Brown (Coast Cannabis) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Before her journey in the cannabis industry, Angela Brown was a part of the “just say no” crowd. However, after witnessing the positive impact of cannabis on her well-being, she became a passionate advocate. Now a co-founder of Coast Cannabis, she champions the benefits of the plant and breaks through societal stigmas to empower women-owned businesses in Massachusetts.

Lisa Mauriello (Paper Crane)

Lisa Mauriello (Paper Crane) Cannabis Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Co-founder Lisa Mauriello is an industry pioneer, proud to be the first Social Equity outdoor cultivator to receive a license in Massachusetts. With a focus on sustainability and organic practices, she co-leads Paper Crane Cannabis. Lisa’s goal is to provide high-quality cannabis products that align with the state’s Social Equity Program’s objectives and contribute to the growth and success of female businesses in the industry.

Kate Miller (Miss Grass)

Kate Miller (Miss Grass) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Kate Miller is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind a groundbreaking cannabis technology startup Miss Grass. With her innovative mindset and commitment to reshaping the industry, Kate is revolutionizing how cannabis products are produced, distributed, and consumed, providing a safer and more accessible experience for consumers.

Sabria Clebnik (Clebby’s)

Sabria Clebnik (Clebby's) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Sabrina Clebnik, a passionate young entrepreneur, founded Clebby’s following her unique journey from a baking enthusiast to a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. Her company, born out of a challenge to create high-quality cannabis-infused baked goods in Massachusetts, has rapidly grown, reflecting her commitment to innovation and quality in the burgeoning market.

Jeanine Mackenzie (Beachgrass Topicals)

Jeanine Mackenzie (Beachgrass Topicals) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Jeanine Mackenzie, founder of Beachgrass Topicals, is known for her dedication to providing high-quality, cannabis-infused topicals to improve wellness and quality of life. Her venture reflects her commitment to natural health solutions and community well-being.

Alli Greenberg (Impressed)

Alli Greenberg (Impressed) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Alli Greenberg is an integral figure at Impressed Cannabis, serving as the Director of Operations. Her expertise has significantly enhanced the company’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the cannabis sector.

Local Roots: Women Run Cultivation in MA

Local Roots Women Run Cultivation in MA Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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The Local Roots team, a collective of passionate women with varied experiences, drives a business rooted in community and education focused on the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. Their commitment to staying abreast of the latest in cannabis research, regulations, and products ensures that their clientele is both well-informed and thoroughly satisfied.

Caroline Pineau’s (Stem Haverhill)

Caroline Pineau's (Stem Haverhill) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Caroline Pineau’s adult-use dispensary, Stem Haverhill, is known for more than its products; it symbolizes charitable community advocacy and a deep commitment to the Massachusetts cannabis industry. Caroline’s efforts extend beyond sales, contributing to local causes and fostering a sense of community.

 Laury Lucien (CamiFlower)

Laury Lucien (CamiFlower) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Laury Lucien is making waves with CamiFlower, focusing on the therapeutic aspects of cannabis and aiming to provide relief and comfort to her customers.

Kristi Knoblich Palmer (Kiva)

Kristi Knoblich Palmer (Kiva) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Kristi Knoblich Palmer co-founded Kiva Confections, a successful cannabis-infused product company selling in Massachusetts. With her focus on quality and innovation, Kristi has built Kiva Confections into a trusted brand that delivers unparalleled cannabis experiences for consumers across the US.

Jasmine Mans (Buy Weed From Women)

Jasmine Mans (Buy Weed From Women) Women-Owned Cannabis Business in Massachusetts
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Jasmine Mans is an acclaimed poet and artist who founded the “Buy Weed From Women” movement, advocating for female leadership within the cannabis industry. Her initiative promotes and supports women-owned cannabis businesses, contributing to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Massachusetts.

Samantha Seagaard (The Fresh Connection Boston)

Samantha Seagaard (The Fresh Connection Boston) support women in the MA cannabis industry
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Samantha Seagaard, known as Samantha Sensi, is a craft cannabis cultivator & CEO for The Fresh Connection Boston. She specializes in small-batch, high-quality cannabis, focusing on sustainable and artisanal growing practices.

Supporting Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses in Massachusetts

The importance of advocating for women-owned marijuana businesses cannot be overstated. By backing these businesses, we contribute to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis industry. This support helps ensure that women’s voices and visions continue to shape the future of cannabis in Massachusetts and beyond.

We encourage everyone to support women-owned cannabis businesses specializing in edibles to adult-use and medical cannabis. By doing so, you enjoy quality products and contribute to women’s empowerment in the industry. 

As we reflect on the progress and the road ahead, it’s clear that women are an integral part of the cannabis industry’s future. Bud’s Goods remains committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring the cannabis industry is welcoming and accessible. 

Let’s continue supporting and celebrating the remarkable women shaping the Massachusetts cannabis landscape!

[Check out Our Women in Cannabis History Post Coming Soon]

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