Worcester, Home of Bud’s

Worcester is the home of buds on the East Coast. And it’s also home to Bud’s Goods & Provisions. “Home is where your buds are.”

So why is Worcester home to the venerable Bud’s? What makes this place special?

Everything. It’s where we grew up. We love this city and we love the buds. So putting a dispensary on West Boylston Street just seemed like a no-brainer.

Who is Bud?

Bud is you, Bud is me. Bud is the essence of good buds. Bud takes care of its own. Bud is your neighbor, you aunt, and sometimes even your dog. Bud is all of us in the right time and place.

Bud is honest, a straight shooter, maybe a little sarcastic and inappropriate at times. Playful.

All About Community

Bud’s Goods was founded by a Worcester native.

We want to emphasize our focus on the local community we serve.

So how are we working to bring good cannabis retail to Worcester? It starts with working with wholesalers and negotiating with them on behalf of the consumer. Bring the price down…Cannabis is too overpriced in Massachusetts.

Embracing the Culture

Bud’s is all about the culture and camaraderie that cannabis brings. And we’re proud to continue the spirit of that culture.

Bud’s is for the people—that’s why we’re here. We’re the place you stop for your favorite Sativas, your go-to spot for relaxing Indicas. And when you need a new grinder, look no further. We’ll be just around the corner.

“Good buds make the world go round.”


The Welcome to Worcester ornament with the image of Smiley was purchased from a licensed retailer. Bud’s Goods is not a licensee or affiliate of the World Smile Corporation or the Harvey Ball Foundation.

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