2022 ADCANN Awards: Bud’s Goods Achievements

Adcann Awards Buds Goods Mass


2022 Adcann Awards Independent Store Brand Of The Year

USA – Bud’s Goods & Provisions (Massachusetts)

“2022 was a year that history was made in the cannabis industry across North America and the world. Refined brands led by talented and experienced teams are beginning to dominate the landscape. This year’s winners undoubtedly made their mark on consumers and the rest of the industry over the past year. Join us in celebrating the very best in cannabis marketing, branding, and advertising. Warm & inviting, home truly is where your buds are. Bud’s Goods and Provisions takes a modern approach to creating their spaces; focusing on the customer experience over all else. This hospitality approach to a cannabis dispensary has allowed Bud’s to grow into three locations, with more on the way. If you’re in Massachusetts, you’ll have to make a stop to see your buddies at Bud’s.”

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