How to Get the Most Bud for Your Buck in Massachusetts

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Buying exceptional cannabis is one thing, but saving money on the best cannabis is even better. And you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a magnificent experience. 

If you know the tips and tricks in this article, you’ll get the most bud for your buck and achieve those outstanding possible side effects!

At Bud’s Goods, we believe in delivering the best value for money when buying cannabis. So here’s our top ten tips for how to save money on weed: 

1. Buy Cannabis in Bulk 

cannabis flower buying weed in bulk to save money

Buying marijuana in bulk in Massachusetts is a blessing for saving money. MA cannabis dispensaries typically offer substantial discounts when you make large orders; even if it’s as simple as an ounce vs an ⅛ of flower. This allows you to enjoy the best strains without spending top dollar.

Furthermore, buying in larger quantities also means you’ll make fewer trips to the dispensary, saving you time and transportation costs. 

Some dispensaries will offer extra incentives for bulk purchases, such as exclusive cannabis and freebies. An excellent option is Bud’s Everyday Flower if you want to buy high-quality cannabis in bulk. Bulk flower is as low as $4.20 per gram at Buds!

2. Grow Marijuana at Home

Growing Outdoor Buds Goods Massachusetts

There are many advantages to growing cannabis at home, such as never running out of weed, creating the ultimate plant, and enjoying the creative process. However, the financial savings are often the best part!

You’ll eliminate the taxes, retail markup, and transport costs. In addition, cultivating your strain enables you to experiment with various varieties, allowing you to tailor a unique experience. 

Although you must learn the basics of home cultivation to get the best results—such as lighting—it can transform your entire cannabis experience. 

3. Buy Popcorn Buds

lil buds Bud's Goods Alex Mazin popcorn buds

One of the top ways to save money is by buying popcorn buds. These smaller-sized flowers don’t have the same visual appeal as larger buds, but they still pack a brilliant punch!

Better yet, these smaller-sized, budget-friendly flowers are the same high-quality as the larger buds. 

4. Use Roach Clips and Dry-Herb Devices

Although cannabis fans often underestimate roach clips, they can make an incredible difference to your cannabis consumption. They’re usually a small, metal device at the end of your blunt or joint. 

They allow you to enjoy every last bit of your cannabis. And remember, wasting even a fraction of your cannabis will add up in the long run. 

Instead, a roach clip will allow you to consume all the cannabis without burning your fingertips. 

5. Learn to Smoke Cannabis Properly 

Smoking cannabis might seem simple, but some methods will improve your experience. For instance, you should take slow, deliberate puffs to ensure an even burn; rushing through a joint will cause uneven combustion that wastes cannabis. 

When using a pipe or bong, you should corner the bowl by lighting only a portion of the bowl. As a result, you’ll allow multiple people to enjoy fresh hits and promote smoking etiquette. 

6. Consider Using Edibles 

edibles in Mass from Bud's goods

Another method to save money from your cannabis is by using edibles. They provide a longer-lasting high that delivers more value per dose compared with traditional smoking.

Alternatively, you can try microdosing by consuming small amounts to make your stash last longer. Microdosing also allows you to manage your high, preventing overwhelming side effects without compromising functionality. 

7. Become a Bargain Hunter 

Finding the best cannabis deals isn’t always straightforward; you must become a bargain hunter to see what others ignore or fail to find. One of the best ways to find outstanding deals is by signing up for the Best Bud’s Club loyalty program, set to launch on January 15th!

You should also sign up for affordable cannabis clubs that offer budget-friendly options to boost your savings. 

Another wise idea is to shop smartly by comparing plants from different dispensaries; at times, dispensaries offer better deals on the same plant than others. 

8. Optimize Your High 

Preserving your terpenes is paramount for saving money by storing them in a cool and dark place. Remember, proper storage maintains the potency of the terpenes, enhancing the overall consumption experience. 

Likewise, smoking cannabis after intense workouts can be a wise idea; the increased endorphins and blood flow create a more profound high. 

9. Invest in a Rolling Tray and High-Quality Paper 

Rolling Tray Bud's Goods MA

Simple accessories like a rolling tray and high-quality paper can significantly improve your finances. 

For example, a rolling tray offers a clean and organized space for preparing your cannabis; it reduces spillage and the possibility of wasting your precious herbs. 

On the other hand, high-quality paper can offer a slow burn that extends the duration of your smoking session. This benefit saves money and enhances the overall experience. 

10. Understand the Cannabis Market 

Gaining insight into the cannabis market—including how legality and state laws influence prices—can significantly improve your finances. It can be complicated, but it’s entirely worth it to discover how to save money on weed. 

For instance, learn the principles of supply and demand; awareness of these trends may help you make informed purchase decisions. You should also consider state laws regarding distribution, cultivation, and taxation. 

Finally, consider the legal implications of crossing states with cannabis. Federal laws in the United States still classify cannabis as a controlled substance. You could face serious consequences—even hefty fines—if you violate these laws. 

Save Money When Buying Your Cannabis 

Now you know how to save money on weed! But remember, if you follow the tips in this article, you’ll still enjoy the best cannabis experience possible without breaking your bank balance. 

At Bud’s Goods, we’re always offering excellent deals on high-quality cannabis. Follow us on social media and join our Best Bud’s Club for more updates on flash deals. 

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