Community is at the heart of Bud’s Goods. We want to highlight and uplift as many people as possible from minority communities, especially in Worcester, the place we call home. What better way than to start with a person who has dedicated their life to helping others? Let us proudly introduce you to our bud, District 1 City Councilor, Sean Rose.

Photo Credit: Matt Wright, MassLive.

Sean is a hardworking bud who is passionate about creating a better everyday life for everyone, not just his district. His work began when he was an undergrad. Sean began working as a camp counselor for homeless and at-risk youth in Ashby, MA. This was the steppingstone that started his journey into community service. Following the summer camp job, Sean’s journey evolved down a path of child development. He found himself volunteering and working in a heap of places centered around uplifting the youth, including Camp Wediko in New Hampshire, the FL Chamberlain School in Middleboro, and Girls Inc right here in Worcester. 

At Bud’s, we believe education is the core solution to most problems and are fond of Sean’s dedication to schooling. He’s earned his BA in Liberal Arts and his Master’s in Education. His passion for gaining and increasing the quality of education is unwavering, leading him to help build, open, and even operate schools here in Massachusetts, Cape Verde, and Puerto Rico. In his latest venture, he led the Point School in Puerto Rico, a hybrid gap year program that worked with young males aged 18-22 to help them achieve the self-discovery and confidence. Sean’s combat fatigue doesn’t allow distance to stop him from working towards the spread of a quality education for everyone. No matter where a community is, if Sean can contribute to it, he does.

While working at the Point School in 2017, Sean decided to run for Worcester city council, and with the resume he had, he was optimistic to see what more he could do for Worcester. He started campaigning by going door to door in his district, advocating for what he wanted to do for the community. Initially, like recreational cannabis in Worcester, he didn’t receive much support from his community. But Sean didn’t let that deter him, he stayed poised, and found great support in his family and buds. Sean kept a positive mindset, proved his worth to his district with his actions, and in the end, prevailed by winning his first election. Sean is the type of bud that always does the right thing because it’s the right thing. 

We advocate for Sean because he has a history of relentless perseverance and a strong commitment to his community like a great bud should. He stands for his district, and he also stood up for cannabis in Worcester. When the city of Worcester was discussing how to handle their 15 adult recreational licenses for dispensaries, Sean was originally the only (emphasis on only) City Councilor to endorse opening these stores in the city. When no one wanted them, he was willing to use all 15 licenses in his district. He fought for us to be able to bring good buds to our great neighborhood. Sean isn’t a cannabis consumer, but he is a man of wisdom. He understands the upsides and medical benefits that recreational cannabis brings to the city, including lowering the opioid addiction and creating safe access to cannabis. Sean has been a great resource in helping us get involved in the district. He took care of his neighbors, and we want to take care of ours as well, which is why we offer the city’s most affordably priced cannabis with Lil’ Bud’s.

Sean hasn’t had an easy journey to becoming a City Councilman, but like any determined bud in the face of adversity, he’s consistently stayed true to himself, did the right thing, and prevailed. He’s proven time and time again that he truly strives for a better tomorrow for buds everywhere and not just those in his immediate community. Sean’s taken the definition of community and stretched it to such a scale that makes everyone on the planet a part of one big community. He might not clock into our store every day, but he carries all the qualities that a good bud does. Bud’s Goods & Provisions is thankful to call Worcester home thanks to great buds like Sean. Come see us at 64 West Boylston Street to meet more hardworking buds like Sean and grab some good buds!

Thank you, Sean, for everything you do and the example you set for our community!

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