Bud’s Goods loves our city of Worcester, and one of the ways we continue to show that is by uplifting our buds from minority communities. So without further ado, let us proudly introduce you to Worcester native, Nick Black. Nick is a bud of all trades; He can direct, photograph, write music, produce, & more. This is a special shout to him for his great ability to persevere as a multifaceted creator.

Image via Instagram/@nicknior

Nick’s creative journey starts with KarmaloopTV, where he directed shows Sweat the World and That Life. Working on these shows led him to meet a heap of cultural figures, including Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. One of the most important relationships he developed from these shows was with guest Mike Posner. Nick met Mike backstage at a Kiss 108 concert, got him on an episode of Sweat the World, and filmed his performance on stage. Filming Mike that one night landed Nick becoming a central member of Posner’s tour crew, and ultimately filming his shows across America.

After years on the road, Nick focused on rebranding himself as a musician but ran into a roadblock. He notes that the creative industry is one that keeps people focused on one avenue of success. “Sometimes when people see you as one thing, it’s hard to see you as something else”. It was tough to get taken seriously in the music industry when he was looked at as just a photographer.

Image via Instagram/@nicknior

The connections Nick established from working as a cameraman in recording studios and KarmaloopTV gave him the opportunity to now work from the other side of the camera. Nick continued to move humbly and quietly, armed with talent, hard work & perseverance that led him to a deal with the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group (UMG).

In 2019, he won a Hollywood Music in Media Award for “Beautiful Life”, the title song to the DreamWorks film Abominable which he co-wrote with fellow Worcester buds Sam James and David Saint Fleur. His resume of directing, photography, writing, and more should be an inspiration to all looking to get into the creative field. What is his secret? Quite simple; don’t be afraid to juggle multiple avenues of success. You don’t have to live in the picture that society tries to box you in, create your own lane and do what works for you. We couldn’t agree more!

When we say, “hard working buds for hardworking people”, Nick is the type of bud we think of. He stays true to himself, stays on his grind, and commits to work that speaks to him. One of the ways he shows up for his city is by supporting local businesses. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of the Worcester shops are also owned by his friends. To put it simply, on any given day that he walks through Bud’s doors, he’s rocking clothing from local brands like Haus of Maccadu, sneakers from Scoop Drip, and merch from the Woo Sox. No matter how far his creative ventures take him, he sticks to his local roots, Worcester. Whether it be music, photography, or directing, we know that anything Nick puts his mind to it will be tied to success. He’s always working on something new, and we’re always optimistic to see what our good bud will do next. Thank you, Nick, for being yourself & representing our great city of Worcester!

Written by: Ravon Williams

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