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By: Nicole Shih 08/13/2021

WORCESTER — The 10th cannabis retailer recently opened in the city. 

And across Worcester County, there are twice as many cannabis licenses than the next highest county.

Marijuana seems to be thriving in Central Massachusetts.

According to some retailers, cannabis flowers are the most popular product in their shops. Retailers say it is because of its effects, which can make people energetic, calm and happy.

The flowers are consumed by smoking, through a joint (sometimes called a cannabis cigarette), pipe or bong (a water pipe that allows consumers to filter smoke through water). 

So what are the most popular products in the 10 cannabis shops in Worcester? 

The interior of Bud’s Goods on West Boylston Street in Worcester. Bud’s Goods, 64 West Boylston St. 

The most popular item at Bud’s Goods is its “Lil Buds,” small buds that pack a punch featuring the same cannabinoids and terpenes of personal favorite strains, according to Bud’s Goods Founder and CEO Alex Mazin.   

Lil Buds are flower buds, which customers can consume through a rolled joint or a vape. It costs $30 before tax per one-eighth ounce. 

“They are popular because it’s the best, most affordable eighth in the state,” Mazin said.  

The shop is currently in its ninth month of business, opening in November 2020.  

As a Worcester native, Mazin grew up near the shop’s location, which formerly housed Eastern Boarder, Worcester’s first skateboard and snowboard shop.  

The building was also home to the former Gold Star Diner, which closed during the pandemic.  

Bud’s Goods then later took over the space.

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