At Bud’s Goods, we take tremendous pleasure in featuring the best cannabis strains every month. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing a boost in energy, a surge of creativity, or a moment of relaxation, our highlighted monthly strain could be the ideal option for you.

This month, we’re featuring a potent hybrid called the Half Pint strain, by Tower Three.

This strain combines the Runtz and Face Off OG, ensuring strong genetics and potent side effects. With an even 50/50 balance of Indica and Sativa properties, the Half Pint Strain could be ideal for anyone seeking contrasting side effects. Similarly, the strain also offers fantastic flavors and aromas, making it a popular strain for all cannabis enthusiasts.

Half Pint Strain Effects

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Due to the hybrid nature of the Half Pint strain, people may experience diverse side effects. The Half Pint cannabis strain has significant Indica properties. As such, ongoing studies suggest it could assist people battling insomnia and anyone seeking anxiety support.

The Half Pint strain has reasonably high THC levels of 20% to 25%. Therefore, this cannabis strain could offer potent side effects at higher doses. It’s important to note that side effects may vary depending on the individual.

Some users report how the strain helped them achieve relaxation. For example, one user on Leafly stated: “The high is exactly what I want from an Indica Hybrid. My body feels insanely relaxed, and my mind is clear, filled with a sense of calm and euphoria. I haven’t had a strain like this in a long time.”

Another fan of the strain said: “I enjoy the buzz it makes my pain diminish increases my appetite and release my anxiety and stress level.”

Aroma and Taste Profile

Many people love the Half Pint strain for its incredible

aroma and taste. The bud has a sweet and sugary flavor with heavy hints of vanilla ice cream alongside cherries and berries.

Similarly, the aroma has a creamy undertone with a punch of grassiness and sweet fruits. Therefore, the strain could be excellent for anyone with a sweet tooth who enjoys hints of earthiness.

The most common terpene in the Half Pint strain is caryophyllene (closely followed by limonene and linalool). Caryophyllene provides strong hints of pepper, whereas limonene offers citrus notes and linalool provides floral hints.

One user on Leafly said: “I am blown away! First, the smell is insane of this strain is so inviting. You can’t help but put your nose to the jar and enjoy the scent. The taste matches the delicious smell on the inhale and exhale.”

Growing the Half Pint Strain

Growing the Half Pint strain is fairly straightforward. Better still, it can produce an excellent yield when grown properly. Here are some tips for successfully growing this amazing cannabis strain:

  • Start growing the seeds in a 2-3” deep container with drainage holes. If you’re into DIY, you could develop your seedlings in milk cartons or yogurt cups.
  • The best soil for seedlings should be a fresh, sterile mix to ensure healthy seedlings.
  • As the seedlings grow, use a small watering can or a mister to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Use as much light as possible once the seeds grow to ensure maximum yield. If your seeds don’t get enough sunlight, generally around 15 hours daily, they will become weak.

The general flowering time for the Half Pint strain is between 56 and 65 days. However, closely monitor this strain when it’s growing to ensure you’re receiving a strong yield.

Where to Buy Half Pint Strain

If you’re interested in the Half Pint Strain, why not give it a try? At Bud’s Goods, we’re the perfect place for sampling this strain. You can visit any of our dispensary locations or browse through or browse through our strain menu.

The Half Pint strain can be incredible if you like potent side effects with sweet aromas and flavors. If you’re also looking for a balanced hybrid in 2023, this could be the best option.

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