At Buds Goods, we’ve chosen a fantastic balanced hybrid cannabis strain to feature this July. We’re always seeking the best cannabis strains for our customers. Whether you need extra energy, complete body relaxation, or a boost in creativity, our strain of the month could be ideal for you.

This July, we’re presenting the Soulmate weed strain—a balanced hybrid combining OG Pinesoul and Wookie 15 strains.

Ongoing studies suggest this strain might be good for anxiety support. It could also be fantastic for increasing energy and creativity due to its potential Sativa effects.

Strain of the Month Soulmate Buds Goods MA

Soulmate Strain Appearance, Aroma, and Flavors

Many cannabis fans adore the crystalline, dense appearance of the strain. As such, the Soulmate weed strain looks beautiful in any growing area.

The Soulmate strain Bodhi has a unique and complex terpene profile, leading to intense lavender aromas. If you prefer sweet scents, this strain might be ideal for you due to the citrus scents you may smell the second you open the jar.

Similarly, the Soulmate strain has a sweet flavor profile. You may taste notes of pungent fuel and sour citrus; other users report ripe flavors of sour fuel alongside lemon and lavender notes.

Pinesol wookie soulmate Buds Goods Massachusetts

Benefits & Effects

The Soulmate strain may be perfect if you’re seeking balanced hybrid side effects, including the cerebral effects of Sativa strains and the soothing, body-centered effects of Indica strains.

This strain could be superb if you’re experiencing a reduced appetite. Many users report the strain thoroughly boosts their appetite, helping them to consume more food. The primary terpene in this strain is limonene, a notorious terpene for its digestive aid properties.

This particular strain might also be excellent for being more sociable. Many users report feeling more talkative and relaxed in social situations, leading to less anxiety and clearer thoughts.

However, possible side effects of the strain vary based on the individual and the cultivar’s growing conditions.

Strain of the Month Soulmate Buds Goods Pinesol x Wookie

Strain Reviews

The Soulmate strain Bodhi has many excellent reviews from users enjoying its balanced hybrid side effects. One user said: “As I wound down for the evening, I smoked another bowl which led to me falling asleep on my couch. Overall, what more can I ask for from such a well-balanced hybrid!”

The same user praised its potential digestive benefits: “Soulmate is a great strain for my stomach issues, it seems to help ease any sort of pain I may be experiencing while triggering hunger. As someone who has tummy problems, I wish I would have found this strain sooner!”

Try Soulmate Yourself by Visiting Any Bud’s Goods Locations

At Bud’s Goods, we love the Soulmate strain for its potential excellent balanced side effects and terpene profile. Come and visit our various dispensary locations and them for yourself, and feel free to browse through our strain menu.

All in all, the Soulmate strain is an excellent cannabis strain to try this month. This strain could be fantastic if you love sweet aromas and flavors, balanced side effects, and unique terpene profiles.

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