Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in MA

super silver haze cannabis strain


As the Massachusetts adult-use cannabis market approaches its seventh year, consumers across the state are speaking out about the wide variety of strains available to them at dispensaries across the state. The diversity of cannabis strains available at dispensaries is important for consumers, since individual cultivars may elicit specific effects based on their unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Of course, these plant compounds vary, as do consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Though the most popular cannabis strains in Massachusetts may be based on anecdotal reports, it’s still wise to recognize consumer’s tastes as the market continues to mature and these same consumers become more well-versed on all things cannabis. These “Top 10” strains include classic cultivars as well as newer genetics that span the spectrum – from uplifting, day time strains to those that inspire rest and relaxation. Read on to discover some of the most popular cannabis strains in Massachusetts right now.

1. Blue Dream 

blue dream cannabis strainBlue Dream is an uplifting strain derived from a Blueberry x Haze cross. Originating in California, this strain has legendary status on the West Coast and is one of the most sought after strains on the market. Blue Dream is known for evoking a balanced high paired with full body relaxation, and mental stimulation great for taking on a project or venturing out into nature. 

With a fruity aroma and berry-like flavor, Blue Dream is popular among medical cannabis patients as well as recreational consumers, who both enjoy the strain’s elevating effects.

2. Super Silver Haze

super silver haze cannabis strain

Yet another uplifting strain, Super Silver Haze bears the title of First Prize Winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup for the years 1997-1999. It’s an energizing strain with a spicy yet herbal flavor and aroma. Originally bred by Green House Seeds, Super Silver Haze is grown by crossing Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. The result is a mood boosting, euphoric, long lasting body high great for reducing stress.


3. Dosido 

dosido strain

Leafly’s Strain of the Year for 2020 and 2021, Dosidos, also known by the monikers, Dosie Doe, or Do-Si-Dos, is a pungent, earthy, yet slightly sweet strain bearing sedative effects. Anecdotal reports claim that this strain elicits a classic, heady, “stoned” sensation with a nice, calming body high. This strain is best enjoyed when you’re seeking to relax.


4. Animal Mints

animal mints strain

A cross of Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies, this strain is known for its powerful body and head high, ideal for night time enjoyment. Fans of Animal Mints believe that it is a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety.


5. Wedding Crasher

wedding crasher strain

This mellow, earthy strain is a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. This caryophyllene-dominant strain stimulates a focused high, with a smooth flavor and aroma reminiscent of vanilla. Wedding Crasher is known to elicit uplifting effects that can enhance mood, with a grape, berry notes on the tongue when inhaled.


6. Grease Monkey

grease monkey strain

Grease Monkey is a diesel-forward strain with funky, gassy flavors and aromas. Packing a punch of deep relaxation, fans of Grease Monkey note it’s munchie-making, easy body high. Originally developed by Exotic Genetix, Grease Monkey is a cross of two wildly popular strains, GG4 and Cookies and Cream.


7. Mac 1

mac 1 strain
Source: Leafly

This popular strain is recommended for those seeking an upbeat yet balanced high. It’s energetic and euphoric, perfect for adventures, tackling fun projects, or hanging with friends. Limonene is the primary terpene in this strain, meaning it’s truly an elevating cultivar. Enjoyable day or night, Mac 1 has a buttery flavor and aroma and is considered a smooth smoke.


8. GMO

GMO cannabis strain

This powerful strain is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. It’s famous for its euphoric high with stimulating and uplifting cerebral effects. While uplifting, this strain is also known for a relaxed body high and is popular among medical marijuana patients for its ability to ease discomfort.  Its flavor and aroma are diesel-forward with a hint of garlic, a nod to its alternate name, “GMO Garlic Cookies”.

9. Runtz

runtz weed strain

One of the rarer strains created by crossing Zkittles with Gelato, Runtz offers its consumers a fruity flavor profile paired with a euphoric high with overall uplifting effects. Named Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year, Runtz is experiencing rising popularity nationwide.


10. Wedding Cake

wedding cake cannabis strain

Yielding a tangy flavor with a rich aroma, this high THC content strain is notable for its balanced relaxing yet euphoric effects. A true mind-body high, Wedding Cake is best for those experienced consumers who aren’t afraid of a heady high. It’s also great for stimulating appetite and decreasing discomfort, making it a favorite for medical cannabis patients. 


Honorable Mentions

Even though the following strains didn’t make it into the “Top Ten” these cultivars are well worth a try the next time you see them at a dispensary near you.

Gorilla Glue #4 aka GG4

gorilla glue 4 gg4 strain
Source: Leafly

GG4 is a strong strain used by many for its “couch-lock” sedative effects. Even though it has powerful calming properties, it’s also known to elicit feelings of euphoria. With a pungent sour aroma that is sure to permeate the air around you, consumers who choose GG4 will find out that this strain truly packs a punch.

Cheese Wiz

cheeze wiz strain

Known for possessing a sweet, light, cheese-like aroma, this strain has a full-bodied, sharp flavor and an all-encompassing full body high.

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