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Here at Bud’s Goods, we’ve selected a super special strain to feature this February. J1 is a top tier Sativa-leaning Hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing two extremely popular cultivars. The result is a clear-headed and creative high perfect for anyone on-the-go or looking to stay productive and energetic throughout their day. 

Read on to discover more about J1 and why it may be the perfect strain to pick up next time you visit us at Bud’s Goods.

J1 Cannabis Strain Effects

Since the J1 strain is considered a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, its effects are typically uplifting and energizing, though all consumers may notice varying results. This strain is especially great for creatives or anyone looking to tackle a project while staying focused and inspired. J1 can easily become your go-to daytime strain of choice because it packs a punch without the hazy, heady, or sleepy effects. Puff on J1 as you answer emails, tend to household chores, or take on a day of meetings at work. Reported effects associated with this strain include euphoria, energy, focus, and creativity. Wake and bake and enjoy!

J1 Strain Appearance and Smell 

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The appearance of J1 is light green, with dense nugs covered with trichomes sprouting bright orange hairs. This cultivar aroma is pungent and earthy with bright bursts of citrus. The aroma is considered pervasive and will quickly fill up a room. Though the aroma can be strong, the flavor is citrus-forward and sweet, considered spicy on the inhale and fresh and citrusy on the exhale. 

J1 Review

Consumers who enjoy J1 state that despite its relatively average THC percentage, it’s a potent strain. Reviews describe J1’s effects as “utterly relaxing while also being energizing,” or “Doesn’t bog you down, able to function mentally.” The overall assessment is that J1 brings a calming effect while simultaneously providing focus and clear-headedness to dive into creative projects. It’s pungent and tasty, and a perfect cross between a traditional Sativa and Indica.

What Strain is J1?

J1’s lineage comes from the famed Jack Herer, developed by Sensi Seeds and named for the lifelong cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. This Sativa-dominant Hybrid was crossed with Skunk #1, another perennially popular strain. Skunk #1 was developed by Sacred Seed Co. in the late 1970’s bred from genetics from all over the world, including Afghani and Colombian Gold. This Indica-dominant Hybrid is world-renowned and known for its potency and creative buzz. It’s important to note that this strain is truly considered “Top Shelf” and often carries a hefty price tag than some alternative strains. However, the strain has earned its place among some of the best cultivars the industry offers. 

Tips for Consuming

J1 is best consumed during the day since its energizing effects have been noted to relieve tiredness. Those looking for a bright, clean buzz before venturing outdoors or getting to work may be best suited for this strain. The ideal wake n’ bake cultivar, J1 offers artists and creatives the ability to focus and lean into their artistic whims while feeling motivated and uplifted.

It’s probably not the best idea to use this strain if you are looking for a sleep aid, or if you experience high levels of anxiety, since uplifting strains may contribute to nervousness.

Where to find the J1 strain in Massachusetts

At Bud’s Goods, we love J1. It’s a special strain that’s revered worldwide by cannabis enthusiasts for its potent yet clear-headed effects, delicious flavor, and pungent aroma. In fact, we enjoy J1 so much we carry it in various forms. Take a peek at our menu, or visit our dispensaries to try some yourself, you won’t regret it!  

Overall, J1 is one of the best cultivars on the market carrying impressive genetics and robust cultural relevance. It’s fame is earned, since J1 is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs looking for a strain that brings potency without the fogginess of heady Indicas. 

At Bud’s Goods, we’re always looking to provide our customers with the best buds available in Massachusetts, which is why we believe J1 is the perfect strain to feature this February – whether you’re shoveling snow, working on a creative project, or simply enjoying some cannabis before you head out to town, J1 deserves a place on your smoking tray this month. Visit us today to try it for yourself.

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